SuperColin is a user who made 1000 WAYS TO PIE, which is a roblox version of Dumb Ways To Die which came famous but no longer due to use of free models, images, and others, also a infamous user notorious for using the bait and switch scam within his places. Despite this, has made his own, accurate, games since July 2013, his most famous game 1000 WAYS TO PIE is currently not able to play.

SuperColin89 is also well known on the forums and is a top 25 poster with over 42,000 posts. He also has an alt named EpicMealTime, which joined Feb 13, 2011. In 2014, Supercolin was terminated/banned.


Many of SuperColin's YouTube videos have generated controversy. Some of these videos include spoofs on other YouTube videos, discussions on himself, and tidbits of other games he plays. One of his videos discusses his expulsion from the 2013 Chicago Bloxcon. which are all parodies of other freak outs, his 1000 WAYS TO PIE video was deleted for a reason soon.


Supercolin confirmed in the comments of a YouTube video he was terminated for selling ROBUX for real life currency after he quit ROBLOX. He now uses the account 'SupercolinOfficial' although he is inactive. Also still uses free models in his new games.

How Supercolin Got Kicked Out Of Bloxcon-0

How Supercolin Got Kicked Out Of Bloxcon-0