Survive The End of Classic ROBLOX is a game created by a user called TheAmazeman. It is the second most popular game created by TheAmazeman. In this game, players attempt to survive from a fixed scripted destruction of a fictional city called TheAmazeman City. Players can escape the disasters of the city by waiting for and then getting into an evacuation airplane. Players can play risky by being around disasters to gain Risk, which can be exchanged for Survival Points. Survival Points can be used in the game store to buy gear items that enhances game-play. Players can also bring in certain gear as long as they have bought the items from the ROBLOX catalog and the item is seen in the "GEAR FOR THIS GAME" section on the gamepage. All Risk, Survival Points and gear items are saved via data persistence, so players can play the game again from where they left off without having to load it manually.

The game reached the decline phase during big updates around mid-2013 such as Dynamic Lighting, Realistic Shadows, and better C-framing, which is the start of the Next-Gen ROBLOX Games, making the game lose popularity as more advanced games go to the front page.


In a holiday at Los Angeles, California, TheAmazeman decided to make a better version of his “Survive in a Meteor Attacked City” which was built in the summer of 2009. He built the second version of “Survive the End of the World”. This version had a city layout unlike the block layout like the first version. It had buildings with the same decals of his earlier game “Burnout Revenge” (Place slot is now called Roblox Titanic) but it had a lot of problems with glitches and other things (It had gotten up to 60k visits at this point). Proof can be found here.

“Survive the End of the World” performed well on earning visits, and the game went from 60k plays to 300k plays in this month.

He started reconstructing “Survive the End of Classic ROBLOX” on November 2. It was better than the first version.


A game round begins in a fictional city called TheAmazeman City. An in-game text-based radio in a black bar on the top of the screen informs players of various disaster occurrences. At the first part of the game round, the radio will inform players of an earthquake that had occurred in various fictional cities, many of which are named after TheAmazeman. Later, a fire suddenly begins in a forest after lightning strikes the forest, then a UFO somehow appears in the suburban area.

After the UFO disappears from the city, the earthquake that is mentioned in the beginning of the game round strikes the city. The radio then tells players of a plane that is arriving to the airport in the city soon. During this disaster, many of the area, including the ground and buildings that are affected by the earthquake, is damaged and sunken down to a wide floor of lava that burns any bricks it touches, including players. Then, in the middle of the earthquake, a meteor suddenly falls down onto the town center, causing mass destruction to the struck area and killing any players who are in the vicinity of the meteor's explosion.

A DJ called Bob is telling a report about the earthquake from the Am Mountain. During the speech, a Nuclear Plant is destroyed, causing the city to be infected with dangerous viruses. Bob later discoveres that Am Mountain is in fact a volcano, and he says the last words shortly before he dies.

At this point, the city is already in mass chaos. The death toll of the city increased, most of the buildings in the area are destroyed and lava appears around the areas that have fallen down. The radio then informs players that the plane intended for evacuation of survivors has arrived at the airport. It stays for a minute and then leaves with any of the players who are inside.

The airport may or may not stay intact on random occasions.

A tsunami soon hits the city, followed by a flood that submerges the city. After the flood ends, the game regenerates, starting a new game round.



A fire will, at the beginning of the chain of disasters, suddenly begin in a forest near the suburban area after lightning strikes. The wildfire will spread towards other nearby trees, eventually burning them down into black blocks that will eventually disappear. The player can die if you touch the trees that are burning, but it is more common to loose a leg or arm.


After the fire stops, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) will appear at the suburban area in the small soccer field, where it is stationarily continually shooting a wide green tractor beam that can suck any players who touches the beam up to the UFO. This disaster does not always kill the player, but it can trap said player in the floor and he/she can only escape by resetting (killing him/herself to be respawned)


This is the first serious disaster. During this time of the disaster, a lot of areas in the city will now be destroyed. The earthquake will cause the buildings it affects to shatter, causing the floor to shatter and all of the bricks falling into lava. This will kill any user that falls in it, but players with superjump and the gravity coil tool may be able to escape.

In the middle of the duration of the earthquake, a meteor will fall on the plaza center, causing a large amount of damage and also killing any players who are in the vicinity of the explosion of the meteor or the meteor itself.

Also, during the disaster, a notification will be present that a plane is coming to the city, but it takes some time to arrive.

The earthquake will cause the city to be flooded with lava. The player will die if he/she touches it, and there is no way to survive without dying, even if said player resets before he/she falls down into the lava.

Nuclear Plant explosion

A Nuclear Plant will collapse, releasing many toxins into the air and causing a large amount damage to the city. Most of the city will now have a hue of green. A zombie will drop from the sky, and whoever touches it first is the zombie, and infects the other players, but this doesn't last forever, as the infected will eventually die out.


Random areas will explode, killing players if they are near them. The city begins to be history, because most of the areas are destroyed.

The plane arrives at the airport during this disaster, but it does not stay long and has only room for several players. Although it will help the player survive, it is very dangerous if he/she stands on the plane, in the doorway, the window or the truss that the player can climb up to get out.


After the plane leaves the city, a Tsunami will appear. The city is now completely engulfed. The only players who will be left surviving are the ones that got on the plane or ones that luckily managed to stay in the airport and survived, as the airport rarely does survive. 


After the tsunami submerges the city, a flood will occur. This it the last disaster, and players submerged in the water will drown and eventually die. A few seconds later, the flood stops, thus regenerating and/or restarting the game.


Survive The End of the Classic ROBLOX has 20 badges.

Image Badge Description Difficulty
Meet the Mayor Meet the Mayor Well of course TheAmazeman is the Mayor of TheAmazeman City. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Here's a deleted badge where you had to meet my brothers in game: Impossible
HOW TO GET RISKS ETC HOW TO GET RISK, SURVIVAL PTS, and GEAR 1) RISK: Walk on the ground where the ground falls, go in and out of houses, buildings, risk island, on top of volcano, and when you randomly walk in the city. 2) SURVIVAL PTS: Get Risk and trade it to Survival pts by using the exchange buttons in the lobby *THE HIGHER RISK YOU HAVE TO TRADE IN AT ONCE THE BETTER DEAL YOU GET! *SUPER VIPs GET 5 TIMES BETTER EXCHANGE RATE! 3) GEAR: Buy gear with Survival pts at the store in the lobby. Impossible
Struck by Lightning Struck by Lightning You've been... THUNDERSTRUCK ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This badge is replacing an old badge (created 5/22/2010) Impossible
Play on December 21st Play on December 21st I randomly decided to add this random badge on this random day: 12/21/12. Impossible
1337 Risk 1337 Risk (created 7/3/2010) Impossible
STEOR STEOR (TheAmazeman's Games Group Badge) People with this badge are in my group called Amaze! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ STEOR is an acronym: Survive The End Of Roblox Impossible
Survive the End of Roblox Super VIP Survive The End Of Roblox SUPER VIP SDC stands for Survive Disaster City, which was going to be the new name of this game, but was not infavor by most. Buy Super VIP while in the game to get this badge. Super VIP: Impossible
Dissolved by Acid Rain Dissolved by Acid Rain The acidic rain keeps falling down in random places after the volcano blows up. Impossible
Survive the End of Roblox VIP Survive the End of Roblox VIP SDC stands for Survive Disaster City, which was going to be the new name of this game, but was not infavor by most. Buy VIP while in the game to get this badge. VIP: Impossible
Thrown by Tornado Thrown by Tornado 156,141 won this badge when the tornado stayed still and had upwards velocity. Now, the tornado moves around, breaks anything in it's path, seats you, throws you random directions, and gives you this badge. Impossible
Meet Bob Robert Meet Bob Robert Question: If BobRobert dies every time the volcano erupts, how many times has he died? Impossible
Exploded by Meteor Exploded by Meteor With 3 meteors per round this shouldn't be that hard to get, right? Impossible
Abducted by Aliens Abducted by Aliens Those aliens abduct you and within a flash you're back where you began -Stuck in the soccer feild, wait what? ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This badge is replacing an old badge (created 6/11/2010) Insane
Poisoned by Radiation Poisoned by Radiation When the nuclear power plant falls into lava, radiation is exposed around the area. Insane
Burnt by Fire Burnt by Fire This fire is out of control, I'm gonna burn this city (burn this city) -No litterally, I'm gonna burn this city, by scripting the fire. Extreme
Survivor Survivor Step 1: Play the game. Step 2: Wait until the plane rescues anyone who shows up at the airport. Step3: Wait at gate1 until your plane arrives. Step 4: Get on the plane. Step 5: Don't get off the plane! Step 6: Get transported to Amzonian City. Step 7: GET TEH BADGE!!! Step 8: You lost the game! Extreme
Owned by Tsunami Owned by Tsunami If you didn't make your flight on time, you probably won't be able to run from the tsunami in time. -Hope you know how to swim. Hard
Mutant Zombie Mutant Zombie A zombie uses awesome radiation powers to teleport to someone random in the game and start the infection. Try infecting more people once you get infected. Hard
Crushed by a Falling Brick Crushed by a Falling Building OMG! is the building ok!? ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This badge is replacing an old badge (created 12/13/2009) Hard
Melted by Lava Melted by Lava Any lava in the game gives you this badge if you happen to touch it; but why would you do that? Challenging
Play The Game Play The Game Once you teleport to any part of the city you will get this. Moderate


2 VIP T-shirts are present for the game: the Regular VIP and the Super VIP, both of which does not require the player to simply wear the shirt to the game for its benefits, but rather to own them. The regular VIP allows instant access to various locations in the city, a teleport tool (which allows the player to teleport at the desired location), a Super Jump tool (which allows the player to jump higher than normal), a VIP run tool (a very fast run tool that allows the player to walk faster than normal), immediate access to fly planes, and a VIP badge. The super VIP provides the player with 9001 health (which can make the player virtually immortal, due to the high amount of health, improved bonus tools, more access to teleports on various locations in the city, a super VIP badge, better risk exchange rate (10 risk points to 1 point instead of 50 points for 1 point), and increased chances of earning risk.