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Activity Active
Month joined February 2009
Membership Outrageous Builders Club
Place visits Around 25,300,000
Information accurate as of 21/04/2014

TheGamer101 is a famous user who joined ROBLOX on 14th February 2009 . He is mainly famous for his places, as well as his massive amount of wealth. Sword Fighting Tournament is currently TheGamer101's most popular game; it has been visited over 21 million times since its creation. Sword Fighting Tournament is currently the 4th most played game on Roblox and the competitor of SFoTHIV (Sword Fights on The Heights IV). Other famous games by TheGamer101 include Ages of Robloxia, Sword Fighting Minigames, King of the Hill, Ultimate Assassins Creed and Sword Fighting Heaven. In addition to being famous for his places, TheGamer101 is also notorious for his amount of wealth. A majority of this wealth comes from the visits from his games, as well as the VIP that is sold for those games. TheGamer101 also collects Limited and LimitedU items, specifically those that have a 101 serial number. He currently has over 470 LimitedU items that have the 101 serial number. Some of the rare items that TheGamer101 owns include the Eccentric Shop Teacher, all of the Dominus hats, and two Roblox Tablets. Furthermore, TheGamer101 is a well known forumer. He mostly posts on the sub-forum Let's Make a Deal, and has over 11,500 posts.


  • TheGamer101 is actually 2 users (Twin brothers) on 1 account.
  • TheGamer101 aims to have atleast 10 places with more than 100,000 visits.
  • TheGamer101 lives in Ireland.
  • TheGamer101 used to collect Limited and Limited U items with the serial number 101.  He has over 470 of them.
  • TheGamer101 has a fan club which he is the owner of.

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