This is an image of some ROBLOX packages.

A costume (formerly known as a package and bundle) is a full group of body meshes (torso, legs, and arms). Most packages for sale are sold in this way, but they then can be interchanged individually. Some packages can also contain hats, faces and heads, like the Man package.

Originally, most packages could not be bought without Builders Club, and the feature of purchasing packages was often advertised as an incentive to purchase a premium membership.

An update in October 2013 allowed non-Builders Club users to purchase nearly all packages.[1] As of October 15, 2018, they are now known as "bundles", and they can no longer be seen in a user's inventory.

Some packages are very controversial because they are quite popular among online daters (ODers) to suspect other online daters to think they are attractive in real life, which may not correlate. Online daters rejoiced to many packages like Superhero for its abs, handsomeness and masculinity. Man and Woman for the blocky style and realism of it, and so on and so forth. Many people believe that ROBLOX is basically making packages for ODers. Many non-ODers are outraged at this update.

3.0 Bodies

3.0 Bodies are heavily criticized as many users think that it will cause a rapid increase of Online Dating. Some users also made videos about their reactions, which are mostly negative. Due to the large amount of criticism, ROBLOX decided not to make it the default body and make it a BC-Only body. This caused relief in some players, and some also thought that newer bodies would get ROBLOX sued by EA, LEGO, and/or Hasbro due to the striking resemblance to that of a LEGO minifigure. But after the update of 2014, it became the default package for users.

R15 Animation Packs

These were added in January 19, 2017 for use with the R15 avatar. They are used to customize your avatar with different poses and give it a different feel when using R15 in a game. Each animation pack will cost from R$80 to R$1,000.


  1. Body packages now available to all ROBLOXians

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