RobloxApp 2009-11-30 12-24-51-57

Roblox in 2010

User Interface,Changes in ROBLOX, and Custom User Interfaces.

History of Roblox Interfaces

Roblox has been changing it's interfaces throughout the life of the game. Scripting is changing, more objects are being added for building, the game is becoming more detailed, and lastly the User Interface(U.I.) is constantly changing. Small or big, I personally think changes to the U.I. are kind of confusing. However, some of these changes can be beneficiary to users creating games. First of all, I'm going back to the year i started playing Roblox, 2010, or otherwise "The Golden Age,"according to many former insert war, and script builder players. The U.I. was simple, scripting was easier, but there was not as many features as there is today. Progressively, the U.I. slowly formed into the way it is today. In 2011 the U.I. took a theme that looks more similar to today's, but not as full of features.

RobloxApp 2011-05-30 13-55-29-83

Roblox in 2011

As seen here, the similarities are closer, but the menus, player list, and tools are not as functional as they were today, and sometimes they glitched, giving the updates a bad reputation.

RobloxScreenShot02102012 191640579

Roblox in 2012.

In 2012, the U.I. had some minor changes. The menu we see today was created, but the player list and backpack is different. The backpack still had glitches, and many people cried for 2010 to come back.


Custom User Interfaces(C.U.I.)

Custom User Interfaces are potentially a new way of ROBLOX. The new SetCoreGuiEnabled function(used in local scripts) allows for the disable of the ROBLOX Core Graphical User Interfaces. This has a great potential for creators creating Custom User Interfaces for their games.The only drawback is that if a player publishes their C.U.I. to the public, they need to be trusted by the user. This player may have a lot of control over the game, more than a usual model maker would. This has a great potential also. This can make games more interesting. Games that use a custom interface show the creator's talent in scripting, and creativity.

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