Damage Unit (also known as DU) is a war group on ROBLOX. YellowDragon1029 is the current owner of this group.


Welcome to the D-Unit! We train rookies and end with elites. Leaving others behind isn't an option. Training is what we are. The more we grow, the more damage we do. After all, we are THE Unit.


  • AustinBoBoston1 founder and former owner of Damage Unit. Developed many of the facilities used and used VIP recruiting to recruit most of DU's members.
  • Exadas previous owner of Damage Unit. Led DU during its early era with as 2iC with AustinBoBoston1, but later purchased the group.
  •  YellowDragon1029is the current owner of Damage Unit. The group was traded by him with several limiteds around February or so.


  • High Ranks a division for High Ranks and the High Ranks in-Training.
  • Elites an elite division for expert swordfighters and gunfighters.

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