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The default clothing is a group of pants items unavailable and unable to be viewed in the catalog. A randomly selected set of pants from the group is put on your character when the character has no clothing. There is a rumor that this was made to repel online daters from creating avatars that would be rendered inappropriate.

Default clothing was added on June 16, 2017.


The default clothing looks like a colored shirt and the small ROBLOX logo located in the top-left corner of the shirt and a pair of shorts.


Due to the inability to create classic avatars (such as the old default clothing), and inability to change the color of the shirt, people have been making forum threads dedicated to asking for support to remove the default avatar. People have also tried to bypass this via "invisible" shirts and pants. They have had moderation against them in the form of a warning.

Bypassing the filter

  • You can bypass the filter if you wear an outfit that doesn't have pants.
  • Another way to bypass the filter is to have a part (like the head) to be a different color.
  • You can wear clothing labeled as "Content Deleted", including those deleted due to being transparent, to bypass the Default Clothing.

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