Derpie Studios is a group that creates various types of games. The group is managed by Beartikal who is the Vice Chairman of the game Hilton Hotels. It currently has more than 110,000 members. It was founded on June 16, 2016. The group wasn't really known yet until the person that was managing the group was a High Rank member of the Hilton Hotels which was really popular at that time.


1] Player [DESCRIPTION] A simple Player of Derp Studios, they can also be called Fans.

[ELIGIBILITY] Simply join the Group.

2] Beta Tester [DESCRIPTION] A Player who Beta-Test Derp Studio's Games! These people are suppose to check for bugs/glitches and suggest ideas for games.

[ELIGIBILITY] Purchase Paid Access on atleast one game from Derp Studios. Once you have done so, PM the Co-Producer or Producer and you will be Ranked.

3] Moderator [DESCRIPTION] Moderator of Derp Studios. These people are suppose to Visit the games and update the players on what's happening they also Report and check the games frequently.


|SELECT| You must be selected by one of the Producers of the Group. You MUST have some of the following: -Able to Build with ease -Some knowledge of Scripting -Good Leader -Activity and Contributation

4] Developer [DESCRIPTION] Designs and Develops Models or Scripts for Games. This rank has a very Important role in designing Games.


|SELECT| You must be selected by one of the Producers of the Group. You MUST have ONE of the following: -Advanced/Good Scripter -Experienced Builder

5] Co-Producer [DESCRIPTION] The Producer's Main Helper when Designing games. This Rank is RESERVED for The Producer's Helper, Babymariobebe.



6] Producer [DESCRIPTION] Main Producer of Games and Founder of the Group, Mamapeachprincess.



Current Games

Airplane Simulator:

Train Simulator:

The Crazy Elevator:

ROBLOX Fitness Center:

Bakery Factory Tycoon: Space Passengers:

More games are coming to the near future.