The Develop page, which was previously called the Build page, is a page on the website that allows the player to see the users games, shirts, pants, t-shirts, models, advertisements and decals, as well as the Developer Exchange.


This allows the player to see on a game:

  • if the place is active or not available.
  • the number of place visits from the last 7 days, and the total of the place visits.
  • an edit button, which can only be used from Roblox Studio.
  • a drop down menu that lets the user configure the place

There is also a view on how the player wants to see the places:

  • Recently Updated shows the recent places that have been edited.
  • Total Visitors shows how many visits the player got in total, showing highest to lowest.
  • Last 7 Days shows how many visits the player got in a week.

Item Display

The develop page displays games, models, universes, badges, gamepasses, audio, animations, user ads, sponsored games, shirts, t-shirts, pants, plugins, and sets. The develop page only displays the items that the user has created, and the develop page allows users to see how many of an item has been sold, and when it was last updated. You can also edit games in the Develop page and view a dropdown menu of other game configurations.

A summary of a player's shirts.

Developer Exchange

The Developer Exchage, also called "DevEx," is a program created by ROBLOX that allows users with a lot of robux to exchange it for real money, but until now, DevEx can only turn ROBUX to USD, it can't exchange other currencies. Only ROBUX may be exchanged, and one United States dollar is equivalent to approximately 286 ROBUX. Developer Exchange also refers to the section of the website that allows users to use the program; that section of the website is a tab on the Develop page. A user must meet the following criteria to be able to use the Developer Exchange:

The RBLX Developer Exchange program, where OBCers can trade ROBUX to get real money.

  • be an Outrageous Builders Club member
  • have a verified email address
  • have a valid PayPal account.
  • be a community member in good standing
  • be 13 years of age or older.

When these requirements are acquired, the user must have at least 100,000 Robux (the maximum the user may exchange is 40 million Robux per month) in order to exchange. Once the user has 100,000 Robux, the user may exchange it for a total of $250-100000[1]. If the user has earned over 500 dollars in a year, they must fill out a W9 (if is US) or W8 (outside of US) form for tax purposes which some people believe it's why you must be 13+ in order to use the DevEx service.

For Robux to be converted in to real world cash, they must be considered "earned". Robux are earned if they have been accumulated by selling products created by the user. (Game passes, VIP servers, shirts, etc.) Robux that have been accumulated by selling "limited" items (Such as hats and gear), Obtained by currency purchase or from daily membership bonus are unable to be cashed out. [2]

On the 1st of March 2017, the payout rates for DevEx were increased from $0.025/R$ to $0.035/R$. In addition to this the maximum payout per month was increased from $50000 to $140000. Robux earned before the increase are cashed out at the old conversion rates whilst Robux earned after the increase are cashed out under the new rates. However spending Robux on virtual items (such as hats and game passes) will not allow a developer to reach the new rates faster. [3]

Many people have criticized DevEx, as massive amounts of robux would be traded in, and they would basically never be seen again. Many users have pointed out that DevEx is a major cause in the permanent RoblEX rate inflation (rates went from 10 tickets per ROBUK to 15-16) that has struck the ROBLOX economy. A lot also believe that DevEx turns roblox devs in to plain pigs having their average gamepass price around R$500 which is higher than the amount of ROBUX you would get in one month with nomal BC.

Some users have linked DevEx to the major growth of Roblox over recent years. It can be argued that because developers are getting paid to build games on Roblox, they are spending more time and putting more effort in to their work. This results in better quality games on Roblox which and therefore more players.

Library Section

The Library section is like the catalog but for Game Developement objects instead of stuff you could throw on your character.

Retired "Build" Page

The Develop page was created around 2-4 years ago, and took place of the Build page. The build page looked similar to present day's Develop page. The only difference between the two is the accessibility of Developer Exchanging, Library, etc.


This is an image of the 2012 build page.