Hooded Valk, the original Dominus mesh.

The Dominus (plural: Domini[1]) series consists of some of the most expensive and coveted hats ever known to the Roblox catalog, even more so than the Domino Crown series, Federation series and the Sparkle Time Fedoras.

Traditionally, limited unique Domini are sold to twenty-six people for upwards of 10,000 Robux. After the release of the third edition, limited Domini were introduced with the aim of being available to many more users (however still retain relatively low quantities due to high price tags).

These hats are heavily desired by many players, which is why they are commonly worn as a status symbol by users like Stickmasterluke. Owning a Dominus in the current day usually signifies that the player is quite wealthy in terms of Robux, and also inspires envy due to their rarity, prices and general aesthetic.

As of April 17th, 2018, there are currently 12 Domini on the catalog as well as 2 DIY versions. Only 9 of the 12 Domini in the catalog are available for purchase, all either Limited or LimitedU.


'Dominus' is the Latin word for master or owner. It has been used throughout various historical periods to refer to people in power, and is also where the term dominate originates from.[2] In the context of this series, however, 'Dominus' means lord.


Before the official release of the first Dominus, it was first seen on a secret page, along with other upcoming hats at that time, including the first hat of the Noob Attack series. It was also referred to as "Hooded_Valkyrie" (similar to the name of the mesh) before being renamed to Dominus Empyreus, as seen on this Instagram post.

The first Dominus was released in January 2010 for 13,337 Robux. Ever since, Roblox releases around 1–2 Domini a year (with the exception of 2015 and 2017)

List of Domini

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  • There is a series of headphones that are directly inspired from the Dominus hoods, known as the Musica Dominators.