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The Dragons Race To The Edge Event was a ROBLOX event that started on June 26, 2015 and ended on July 6, 2015. The games featured in the event were:

A special thing in the event was that players had to collect three lenses (one in each game) corresponding to each prize. After collecting all prizes during the event, players also got a special prize.


The following is a list of the items players could win during the event.

Prize Image Prize Name Game How to get Required Lens
HTTYD - Heather's Boots Pilgrim Islands Reborn You earn this item by touching it in one of the seven floating islands. Purple
Hiccup’s Shoulder Guards Sword Fighting Tournament You earn this item by touching it in the sword fighting arena. Green
Heather's Hair Giant Survival You earn this item by touching it somewhere around the map. Red
The Dragon Eye N/A You earn this item by earning all of the 3 lens items. All

Sponsorship Items

These are the items you could buy (and get for free) during the event.

Image Image Prize Description
Toothless 1 ticket "Get Toothless, Hiccup’s best friend and the only known Night Fury, from DreamWork’s Dragons: Race to the Edge."
Heather's Axe 1 ticket "This weapon has a checkered past in Heather’s hands. Friend or foe, often it’s hard to tell. Not as hard is hitting folk with this axe, though!"
Heather the Dragon Rider 1 ticket "As tough as they come and sly as a fox. You couldn’t ask for a better companion than her…but can you really trust her motives? Comes with the turf, I guess."

the Dragon Rider

1 ticket "Hero of Berk, the original dragon rider, and champion of humans and dragons alike. That is a pretty solid résumé for a companion."
Hiccup's (Improved) Helmet 1 ticket "The helmet of the mighty dragon rider Hiccup! Except we decided to set it aflame. Why? Because fire is awesome!"
Stormfly Dragon Mask 1 ticket "Throw this mask on and then run around pretending to be Astrid’s dragon from Berk. We do it all the time! Don’t judge."
Hiccup's Trusty Shield 1 ticket "It’s saved Hiccup more than once, and he fights dragons - you know…that breathe fire. What better endorsement for a shield is there?"


The majority of the ROBLOX community panned the Hiccup the Dragon Rider gear item for being "scary as hell", "disgusting garbage", and even "worst gear on ROBLOX".[citation needed]