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An economy, according to Wikipedia, is something that "...consists of the economic systems of a country or other area; the labor, capital and land resources; and the manufacturing, production, trade, distribution, and consumption of goods and services of that area." On ROBLOX, the economy primarily consists of trading currency, collecting tickets from place visits, and producing t-shirts and selling them for money (tickets or robux). This is generally one of the primary focuses of a Robloxian, in which people try to get rich, using various methods. These methods will be discussed in this article.

Making money

On ROBLOX, there are many ways to become rich in virtual currency, from buying more, to creating places that are highly visited, to selling your own created t-shirts. Here are the most commons ways:

Each method is a great way to make money. However, one of the best ways to make money is one used in the real world. This is creating extra content in your game, and then selling the rights to access this type of content by selling a vip shirt. Although one place visit may only give you one ticket, if a player buys a VIP shirt, you might get 10 tickets tickets, and they will feel obligated to play your game again! What a deal! In order to sell VIP shirts, you must be a BC (Builders Club) member. If you aren't one, you can ask your friends to host your VIP shirts for you! This will benefit you (getting people to play the game), and your friend (he's selling shirts).

ROBLOX does not currently support VIP shirts officially, so you'll have to add a link in your game's description to the shirt, and explain what it does. You might also want to be wary of people who create fake VIP shirts for your game.

Developing VIP content

Now, players want to have fun, and VIP content should increase that level and fun, while getting players to come back. There are several objects of a VIP shirt.

  • To convince a player to return to your game
  • To earn money for yourself
  • To allow more content to be unlocked
  • To create a more interesting and funner game.

Now you must strike a balance. Do you want to earn more money, but have less players buy it, or more players buy it, and less money? I would highly suggest selling your VIP shirts for 10 tickets tickets, because this is the daily income of the standard player. Almost everyone will have 10 tickets tickets on hand. Why not let them spend it on you? People will also join your game, creating a feedback loop, in which more players buy more shirts, and play your game more, attracting even more players to make even more money!

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