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The 2016 ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt (titled An Eggcellent Adventure) was the seventh annual Egg Hunt on ROBLOX. In the years past, ROBLOX hosted Egg Drops in 2008 and 2010, and the first ROBLOX Egg Hunt to be held in one place was the 2012 hunt.

For this egg hunt, players must hunt for eggs within a map that contains several locations such as a city, a farm, and a secret island. The players will receive a badge when an egg is found and the egg corresponding to the badge will be obtained as well. As expressed within the hunt's description, the egg hunt revolves around a leap year that has magically distributed dynamic eggs with special abilities.

This is the first Egg Hunt since 2014 to feature Fabergé eggs and is also the first egg hunt since 2013 to feature one consolidated map to navigate upon. This is also the second time that a non-admin member of ROBLOX was the lead designer of an Egg Hunt, masterbeyblade21 the first time was 2015. There were 26 total eggs, but you could only get 24 eggs because of the nesting eggs. Some people actually got all 26 because of a glitch during the beta testing. If you delete the nesting badge, you can get all the nesting eggs. This was later patched. This game also marked the beginning of eggs primarily based around "quests", with very few eggs truly spawning randomly. This theme has currently carried onward to the 2017 as well as 2018 egg hunts.

The hunt was available as a BETA game with 450 ROBUX paid access. This was to test the game and fix any bugs before the official release on March 22, 2016.

As of April 4, 2016, players can no longer earn hats, however the place is still active.

Map description

The Egg Hunt 2016 map contains numerous unique locations to hunt for eggs. All major quadrants of the map contain a teleportation portal for easier access. The first main location that players are introduced with is a farm with harvest fields, a barn, and stables. Near the farm is a covered bridge that leads to "New Yolk City". In the opposite direction from the city and the farm is a large body of water and a docking area for boats where players can gain access to a secret island. This area also features an extensive underground mine for players to explore. If a player uses one of the boats, it will bring them to the secret island which features a graveyard and coliseum. The coliseum is the location of the dragon boss as well as the only area of the map to combat other players with swords.


Normal Egg A normal white egg This spawned anywhere within the map. Cracks upon being obtained. There was a chance when the egg is cracked that the egg yolk may appear rotten. Normal Egg
Organic Egg A brown colored egg This was obtained at random when combating other players within the coliseum. When the egg spawns, it will feature the name of the player that spawned it. Only the player who spawned it could receive the egg. Organic Egg
Strawbeggy An egg shaped as a strawberry. This grew slowly within the farm's harvest patch. Once it has fully grown it could be obtained. Strawbeggy
Egg Farmer A white egg dressed as a farmer. It wears a cowboy hat, holds a pitchfork, and has a stem of wheat within its mouth. This was found at the farm stables. Players must have completed all tasks the egg farmer gave in order to obtain the eggs. These tasks include finding certain items and retrieving them for the farmer. Egg Farmer
Basket of Eggception A teal and yellow striped egg shaped basket that holds several multicolored plastic eggs. Spawns anywhere within the map. When encountered by a player, it will launch all of the plastic eggs contained inside the basket. Players have little over a minute to recollect at least 15 scattered plastic eggs and return them to the basket. If successful, the egg will be redeemable. Players can also team up with friends to recollect the scattered eggs from the basket, but whoever fills the basket first and gets the egg will obtain it. Basket of Eggception
Vanishing Ninja Egg A ninja dressed egg with a black cloak, black headband, and holds a throwing star. Spawns anywhere within the map. When encountered, it will proceed to attack the player with throwing stars and rapidly vanish from one spot to another spot. If a player manages to catch the egg, it can be obtained. Vanishing Ninja Egg
Heat-Seeking Egg A rocket shaped egg with grey siding and red fletching. Spawns anywhere within the map. When encountered, it will launch into the air and rapidly maneuver back and forth while chasing the player who activated it. In order to obtain the egg, the player must dodge the egg until it runs out of fuel. If a player fails to dodge the egg, it will explode and kill them. Heat-Seeking Egg
Dicey Egg of Chance A white dice shaped egg. Spawns anywhere within the map. When encountered, it will duplicate 3 of itself and rapidly shuffle. After shuffling, it will align in a row for the player to choose. If the correct duplicate is chosen, the egg will be awarded. If the incorrect duplicate is chosen, the egg will explode and kill the player. Dicey Egg of Chance
Eggcellent Pearl A pale-blue egg with a pearl texture. Spawns in underwater areas of the map inside of a clam. The clam may be open or closed. If a player touches the pearl when the clam is opened, the egg will be obtained. Eggcellent Pearl
Cherry Nesting Egg A red Russian doll textured egg. Spawns anywhere within the map. When encountered, it will ask the player if they truly wish to obtain this color of nesting egg as only one nesting egg can be obtained. *Note: The player has to repeat the color 3 times for it to be obtained. Cherry Nesting Egg
Lemon Nesting Egg A yellow Russian doll textured egg. Spawns anywhere within the map. When encountered, it will ask the player if they truly wish to obtain this color of nesting egg as only one nesting egg can be obtained. *Note: The player has to repeat the color 3 times for it to be obtained. Lemon Nesting Egg
Plum Nesting Egg A purple Russian doll textured egg. Spawns anywhere within the map. When encountered, it will ask the player if they truly wish to obtain this color of nesting egg as only one nesting egg can be obtained. *Note: The player has to repeat the color 3 times for it to be obtained. Plum Nesting Egg
Preggstoric Fossil A pale-tan cracked egg with a dinosaur head fossil sticking out of the top. Spawns after you collect twenty-one fossils at the mine. Preggstoric Fossil
Egg of Four Wonders A black and red stripped egg with noticeable cracks where the pieces of the egg come together. To be obtained, a team of four players must collaborate to find four different pieces of the egg (the same piece can spawn more than once). Once four players each have a different piece of the egg, they must all stand on the platforms at the sundial located behind the arena. Once this is successfully executed, the pieces of the egg will assemble in the middle of the sundial and will be awarded to each player that contributed to piecing it back together. Egg of Four Wonders
Petrified Egg A stone-grey colored egg with a stone texture. It features horns and gargoyle wings that wrap around the body of the egg. Spawns anywhere within the graveyard. When spawned, the egg will rotate and shine a light in the direction its looking. If a player encounters the egg and gets caught in the egg's line of vision, they will be turned into stone and killed. The egg will also disappear if they catch a player. If a player manages to touch the egg without being seen, they will obtain it. Petrified Egg
Fiery Dreggon A pale-red scaled egg with wings and white horns. To be obtained, a player must defeat the dragon boss which spawns within the coliseum. If the dragon is successfully defeated, the egg will hover above the area where the dragon was defeated and then finally lower to the surface. The egg will be obtained when the player comes in contact with it. Fiery Dreggon
Eggmin A decorated egg with purple, blue, white, and yellow stripes. The ROBLOX "R" logo is featured within a giant hole in the egg. To be obtained, a ROBLOX admin or somebody wearing the Eggmin Bunny Ears must spawn it. It can only be spawned every 5 minutes. Eggmin
Dodge Egg A red egg with a dodgeball texture. Is obtained when dodgeballs are thrown by the Mean Eggstructor. When the lucky player comes in contact with it, the egg will be awarded.
Dodge Egg2
Scribbled Egg An upside down egg with a pencil texture. To be obtained, the player must guess the word the egg writes. Only three attempts are given. If the player is successful the egg will be awarded, if unsuccessful the egg will disappear.
Scribbled Egg
Tabby Egg A cat textured egg with orange fur, large eyes, cat ears, and a cat tail. To be obtained, players must purchase or take advantage of someone using the Categgpult gear. This gear can rarely spawn this egg. Tabby Egg
Mean Eggstructor A humanoid egg dressed as a gym instructor. It features large red hair, a whistle, and a white gym shirt. To be obtained, players must find the egg in one of the gym buildings within the city. When a player enters the court, it will proceed to throw dodgeballs to keep the player away. If a player can get close enough to the egg it can be awarded.
Mean Eggstructor2
Gooey Egg A slimy green egg located in a green puddle of goo. To be obtained, a player must try and catch the egg while it spits goo and leaves trails of goo behind. If a player is hit with goo, they will be slowed down which can prevent them from obtaining the egg.
Gooey Egg of Ew 2
Mystical Eggchemist A humanoid egg dressed as an alchemist wizard. It features a green cloak, a green wizard hat, and a long white beard. To be obtained, players must have found all components to the egg's alchemy list. If all components were found, players would then have to touch the egg to obtain it. The egg would also award the player with a full potion bottle, which would allow a player to see the shards that need to be collected (100) to spawn the Fabrainz Egg.
Mystical Eggchemist 2
Mini Eggmin Shoulder Friend The same as the Eggmin, yet smaller and it is a shoulder friend like a Bloxikin. To be obtained, a person wearing the Mini Eggmin Ears must have spawned it. It could only be spawned every 3 minutes. Eggmin

Fabergé eggs

Fabrainz Egg A zombie themed fabergé egg that features a brain textured egg being held by a green zombie hand. To be obtained, players must first obtain a potion from the Mystical Eggchemist, which would allow them to see pink shards that they need to collect. A server must collaborate to find 100 shards that have preset spawning locations spread around the map. When 85 shards are collected, undead will begin to roam the area. Once 100 shards are collected, the egg will appear within the graveyard's mausoleum. Players will also need a full potion bottle in order to obtain the egg. When players are in a server at the same time someone collects the egg players would lose the potion where you see the pink shards.
Fabrainz Egg 2
Rainbergé Egg A rainbow themed fabergé egg with a yellow-gold pedestal. This egg spawned at the ramps of the Car park Garage, inside the city buildings, behind the tombstones at the graveyard or at the corner near the fences, the docks, and behind the arena. A player must have touched the egg to obtain it.
Rainberge Egg 2

Tips, tricks and hints



Egg Farmer Quests When told to find 2 needles in a haystack, this is what the needle will look like (You will need 2. The second needle is in the second bail of hay):

When told to find the sharpener, it will appear as a small grey block on this shelf on the red barn or on the door of the same barn:

 When told to get rope, it spawns here on the dock of Easter Island:

When told to find a crate of eggs, it can either be found in the red barn or the brown stable to the left side of the Egg Farmer:

Egg Crates
Mystical Eggchemist quests The staff is located in the red barn on top of a divider:
The crate of rotten eggs can be located behind the brown stables:
Rotten Eggs
The D20 is very small and can be located on the counter in the building adjacent to the alchemist:
The boot is located on the counter in the building next to a construction site in the middle of the city:
The empty potion is located next to the mausoleum in the graveyard on Easter Island:
Empty Potion
A stone frog has two spawning locations, but can be found adjacent to this tombstone in the graveyard on Easter Island:
Egg of Four Wonders The combination for the Egg of Four Wonders changes. Orders that have worked in the past are as followed:
Egg of 4 wonders facing ocean 2 SigmaTech
Unusual order SigmaTech

All 4 contributors will be able to obtain the Egg of Four Wonders that spawns in the middle. But only the 4 contributors.


Upon the announcement of the event, reviews of the event were generally positive, with users praising it for not being a developer-made event like its predecessor. However, some criticized some of the eggs for being too difficult to find or obtain, and for some of them being very rare. At the same time, users have criticized the event for the high amount of minor glitches and bugs that interrupted small portions of gameplay.


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  • This game shattered the 2013 Egg Hunt's record of 19,000 concurrent players with the new record being at least 35,000+ concurrent players.
  • This year's egg hunt's Nesting Eggs mark the first set of eggs where players have to choose which one you get and could not get more than 1 egg.
  • This game uses the music Darkest Child which is the same soundtrack from the 2013 Egg Hunt and the Ripull Minigames segment from the 2015 Egg Hunt.
  • This game also maintains the same "Stonehenge" and "Easter Island" theme from the 2013 Egg Hunt.
  • Egg Hunt 2016 was not made by Games, but instead made by masterbeyblade21.
  • The Egg Hunt 2016's challenges and eggs are somewhat harder to complete or obtain than the 2013 Egg Hunt.
  • The Rainberge spawned ingame every 6 hours, resulting into people fighting and racing to get the egg first.
  • All of the Eggs in the game (Except for The Rainberge, The Three Nesting Eggs, and the Eggmins) are all based on original concepts for Masterbeyblade12/HawaiianSnowman's (Cancelled) Fanmade Game "The Quest for Eggcellence"
  • There are two references to Egg Hunt 2014
    • Under the bridge, in a covered pipe underwater, is a hidden Malicious Minion
    • A Drawing of the Egg of Destiny is in a building in the city map.

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