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Elite Builders of Robloxia is a building group owned by Ravenshield. They have been around since the creation of ROBLOX Groups in 2009. On January 5, 2013, ROBLOX published a blog about EBR[1] and different aspects of it from certain owners, their goals in mind and how they built.

They are known for creating the ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2017.

According to the ROBLOX Blog[1], EBR was responsible for "incredible group-building projects" such as Conquest City and Block Town.

When WhoBloxedWho was the leader, EBR used Build Tool V3 and it was a "group favourite". It was using on all major projects.

Notable members




  • Bloxmin was the original creator of the group.
  • He was a great mesh creator, as can be seen by his YouTube video.


  • owen0202 (now known as SO_Games) doubled the group's member count from 25 players to around 50 players during his time, all with great skills with ROBLOX Studio.
  • He is most noted for his work on HEX and Combat League.


  • asimo3089 was famous for his obstacle course before getting into EBR.
  • What got him into EBR was The Wind which was made on December 12, 2009. Every member in EBR at that time accepted him.
  • asimo3089 left EBR sometime around late 2010, early 2011.
  • All games asimo3089 has made is made with high amounts of detail and beauty.


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