Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum is a medieval fantasy group created by Sorcus on ROBLOX. The group is neutral, having no allies or exact enemies. They don't fight for evil nor good, their main goal is to maintain balance within Robloxia, fighting those that disrupt this balance.

This group is an official group recognized by ROBLOX. In addition, there are gears, packages, and hats published by ROBLOX to help support this group.

The current leader of Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum is OnlyTwentyCharacters.


With our duty to stabilize Robloxia, we care not for what is right nor for what is wrong, but for stability. With our unholy power and undead nature, we shall maintain the Balance.


LR = Low Rank | HR = High Rank

Ranks Description Rating
Awoken One who has been called forth by the Bhava to serve the Seventh Sanctum. LR
Survivor of the Trials One who has proven inner-strength; has survived the Trials of the Sanctum. LR
Emerald Squire An aspiring knight who is ready to begin their training to learn the ways of an Emerald Knight. LR
Emerald Knight One who excels in battle; who is dedicated to keeping the Balance in ROBLOXia. LR
Emerald Guardian One who has mastered the Balance, a commander of the knights. HR
Unholy Council One who maintains a vigilant watch over the Balance. Admin/Foreign Command
Bhava The ruler of the Seventh Sanctum; master of the balance. Owner


  • angelatheist is the founder of the Knights of the Seventh Sanctum. In addition, angelatheist was the former leader of the Knights of the Seventh Sanctum.
  • OnlyTwentyCharacters is the current leader of the Knights of the Seventh Sanctum.


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