Emotes are actions characters can do when the player wants to. There are currently 8 emotes. Emotes were added quite a while ago. The player must type in /e [emote] into the chat for the character to do an emote. There are also different animations for players with the R15 Player Model.


  • /e dance - random type of dance. Before, this only did dance1.
  • /e dance1 - A dance resembling Gangnam Style with R6, and raving with R15.
  • /e dance2 - A dance where the player moves from side to side in R6. R15 involves the player’s avatar twisting their arms and looking side to side instead.
  • /e dance3 - A dance where the player jumps on alternating legs with their arms pointing in R6. R15 involves the character swaying side to side while moving their arms.
  • /e cheer - The character jumps and cheers.
  • /e point - The character points.
  • /e wave - The character waves quickly in R6, and a bit more smoothly with R15.
  • /e laugh - The character laughs, but does not make any laughing noise. Looks like coughing/dabbing instead of laughing on R6.