A ROBLOX Empire is a group that takes over other groups, either using Economy, Hacking, or Military Conquest, then rather than shutting the group down (Exiling all members then leaving), they make the group into a division.


- Group 1 and Empire 1 are at war.

- Empire 1 wins the war and gets ownership of Group 1

- Empire 1 makes Group 1 into a battalion for use against other groups

- Company 1 and Empire 1 are companies against each other

- Empire 1 buys out Company 1

- Empire 1 makes Company 1 into a division of their company

- Group 1 and Empire 1 are in a hacking war

- Group 1's Owner is hacked by Empire 1's Hacking Team

- Empire 1 makes Group 1 into a division of Empire 1

Examples of Empires:

Vaktovian Empire (Annexed 100+ Groups)

Palermonian Imperium (Annexed 60+ Groups)

British Imperium (Annexed 100+ Groups)

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