Empire Theatre is a theatre group on ROBLOX that encourages their staff to aspire to their talents, whenever if it's building or styling. The member count is 55,000 and increasing. It was founded on August 22, 2014 by EatYaBunny.

Jobs and Ranks

[1] Audience

The audience rank is the starter rank of EMPIRE. They are extremely important to EMPIRE and ensure that we stay the #1 theatre in ROBLOX because it makes up most of our members. Each HR is to respect them unless they are disrupting others at the theatre. This is a default rank gained upon joining.

[2] Actor-In-Training


Actor-In-Training is the rank that keeps our plays alive. Host are required to pick Actors first when giving roles out for a play, unless they are shown to be a threat to the play (lack of grammar, lack of respect, doesn’t follow orders, etc.) This rank is obtained by going to the actor-in-training test and passing it.

[3] Actor

[EARNED, NOT APPLIED FOR] Just like an Actor-In-Training they are important for our plays. Unlike the Actor-In-Trainings, though, they are much more experienced and have proven they are up to the task. They often play lead roles and are chosen first when roles are handed out. This rank is given when an Actor-In-Training does extremely well in one or more plays and a HR notices it.

[?] Suspended

Suspended people are people who have done an offense to have them removed of their rank for a specific amount of time for things such as spam , exploiting , trolling and admin abuse. If a person rejoins the group while they are suspended they will not be allowed to get their rank back even if they re-apply. HRs must give warnings before suspending.

[4] Barista

Baristas run the cafe in the lobby, serving food and drinks to the staff and guests to keep everyone refreshed. Hosts are required to pick them as actors, after picking people with the rank of [2] Actor-in-Training or [3] Actor. They should not abuse their privilege of access to food by ‘trolling’ everyone and giving random people food unless it is asked for.

[5] Technical Crew


The technical crew contribute a good portion to a show by providing effective lighting, backgrounds, and special effects. They also open and close the curtains when the hosts requests it. They may not abuse their rank by opening/closing the curtains at inappropriate times, changing lighting when the host does not say so, or by changing the effects/background at inappropriate times. The curtains button has a ‘last pressed by’ feature; do not think you can get away with attempting to ruin a show, as it is a quick and easy way to get suspended.

[6] Stylist


Pretty self-explanatory, these ranks style actors for the plays that our hosts put on. First you must get a booth, then place down your decal in order to claim it. If you leave the game or lose connection for more than 5 minutes your booth may be deleted if you do not come back. You must style people if they ask and you can’t say that you’re “building your booth” as that’s not a valid reason and just plain rude, as long as your booth has a decal you have to style people. Also regarding decals PLEASE have your name on the decal CLEARLY so we can see it, don’t hide it in the corner of it in tiny text or else we may delete your booth without warning. Stylists are allowed to act in plays but they are NOT allowed to build sets as they are not the Set Builder rank or above.

[7] Set Builder


Once again, pretty self-explanatory. These ranks build the sets for our plays here. We build with F3X tools so we recommend you have fair knowledge of how to use these tools before you apply for this rank. Once the hosts says what to build you may begin building the set.

[8] Backstage Manager


The backstage manager is in charge of what goes on behind the scenes. They must put up a decal CLEARLY stating that they are the current backstage manager on duty, and their job is to decorate backstage to make it look good, and to patrol backstage to make sure everyone is complying with the backstage rules, which are as follows:

  • Stylists and Executive+ may only own a booth
    In order to have a booth, you must have a decal that CLEARLY states you own it
  • Do not build outside the template or extend the given size of your booth. Nothing should be floating or hanging out of the booth
  • Keep your booth theme unique and presentable, booths that make the backstage look ugly will be deleted by an Executive+ without warning
  • Do not copy other people’s ideas/themes without consent
  • Do not steal items from other people’s booths without consent
  • Booths will be deleted if you have lost connection or left the server for more than 5 minutes
  • Do not delete or edit any booth except yours
  • Please follow these rules; failure to comply may result in a suspension or demotion.

[9] Stage Manager


Stage Managers make sure that the people working on the stage (actors, set builders, host, etc.) are working properly. They also make in charge of keeping it calm and making sure nothing happens to it. If something is to happen to the stage they are in charge of either fixing it or getting a HR to help. This rank is often unnoticed, even though they are one of the higher ranked LRs of Empire Theatre. To become one you send an application for stage manager (you have to pass it.)

[10] Host-In-Training


These people put on plays for our audience to watch. To be added to the Hosting List you must go to the Technical Room and add your name to the host queue. Once you are ready you should first go onto the stage and name yourself and then clone yourself to explain what the set builders are meant to build for the play. Next after the set is done or during the building of the set, the current host must choose the actors either at the cafe (which is most commonly done) or wherever. Also, you MUST choose Actor-In-Training and Actor ranks before you choose other ranks. When you are hosting you are allowed to use :m if you’re announcing roles, etc. Before the play make sure you tell the actors where their starting positions are. During the play use :m to narrate it so the audience can clearly see it. Go to the Technical room and click “Queue Next Host” when you are finished. New hosts to Empire are ranked as Host-in-Training, regardless if they apply directly for Host-In-Training or Host

[11] Host


This plays the same role as Host-In-Training, but this rank is more experienced and well respected. If your plays are considered very good, well-developed, have an interesting and original storyline, and have good grammar then you may get promoted to Host. With that being said, it has to be seen by an Executive+ which have to agree with the requirements above.

[12] Interns


Interns are the newest rank at Empire Theatre. They are taking place of the Security rank that they had. An Interns main job is to make sure Empire is running smoothly, and to take care of admin abusers, and exploiters. They have basically the same job as an Executive, except for Interns, it is not required for them to read applications. For training sessions, they are allowed to Co-host, but cannot host until they're an Executive. This rank is earned through hard work, dedication, effort, and activity, as well as kindness. You cannot apply for this position.

[13] Executive


Executives are in charge of keeping EMPIRE a friendly and active community. They read applications, rank people up to the ranks they deserve, suspend those that do not comply with the rules and ban exploiters/trolls. Executive interviews/apps are held once in a while, when either Executives are fired/quit or when it is decided that more executives are required. These ranks are here to help you with any problems. To call an executive for help, PM them; tp’ing one results in a slightly miffed Executive less willing to help out. Report any AA or exploiting to them, and the AA’er or exploiter will be swiftly dealt with.

[14] Head of Operations


Head of Operations are in charge of most the LRs and executives. They make sure the staff do their jobs properly and ensure the security of our theatre. They are in charge of everything that happens within the theatre and also its operations.

[15] Vice President


The second highest rank obtainable by normal staff members. Chances are rare to be promoted to this, but if you are considered worthy of this rank you may be promoted to it. These people look after all ranks below and works with the lower ranks. They work with the president to oversee that EMPIRE runs properly and the staff work efficiently. They help create events and also work on informing our staff about rules and work ethic.

[16] President


The President is the highest rank you can get as a staff member via interview (although developer is above it is no longer a rank you can get). It is very rare for there to be interviews for this rank and it is required that staff do not ask. The President is in charge of all the staff below and works on the overall operation of EMPIRE. She/He does this by creating events, contest, interviews, applications, etc. The president works with the Owner and VP(s). To get this you have to be an extremely experienced member of EMPIRE and have worked your way up whilst staying trustworthy and loyal. Unfortunately, for you guys, there will not be another one hired until the current one leaves or is fired.

[-] Developer


People who develop for EMPIRE such as making the theatre, scripting, etc. They are the people that keep EMPIRE theatre updated and running. They also build our awards and make sure that EMPIRE looks stunning and runs efficiently.. This rank is unobtainable. The current Developers are Wizzy011 and Galiux, any glitches or things wrong with the game should be messaged to one of them.

[-] Owner

This rank belongs to EatYaBunny, the founder of EMPIRE Theatre. He is in charge of everything and keeps EMPIRE running. He hires HRs (HoO+) and occasionally lower ones.