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An event is when the ROBLOX admins create a limited time challenge, that can involve different things, and have different limited time prizes that cannot be won after the event ends, and has gear that usually can't be bought after the event ends.

Types of events

  • A contest may be held on a various date encouraging players to do a certain objective in order to win it. The winners are usually announced at the end, and they are usually awarded a variety of ROBUX, Builders Club membership, or a hat or gear item related to the event (for example, winners of the Domino Rally Building Contest were granted ROBUX5,000, Builders Club membership and a Domino Crown for gold, ROBUX2,000 and a Domino Crown for silver, and ROBUX1,000 and a Domino Crown for bronze).
  • A livestream may be ran by ROBLOX on Twitch, usually if they reach every 25,000 Twitch followers. During these events, a notification would appear on top of the ROBLOX website informing users to watch their livesteam. Occasionally, several items related to the event would be obtainable for a limited time, usually through promotional codes. On a few occasions, ROBLOX may put these items on sale for usually a cheap price (for instance, the Transylvanian Hood was put up on sale during the Hotel Transylvania 2 livestream featuring Selena Gomez for tickets1).
  • A developer-made event consists of one or more games developed by popular users. Players would usually have to obtain a variety of prizes (mostly related to the event) in each game. Occasionally, a special prize would be awarded to players for finding each item before the event's deadline {for instance, a gear item known as The Dragon Eye was awarded to players if they found all 3 lens before the event ended).
  • A sponsored event is a type of event which sponsors an upcoming TV series, movie, or game which is usually kid-friendly. Like developer-made events, several games made by famous users may be featured for the event and players would often have to obtain items related to the event before the event is over. These events were also heavily criticized because their prizes were in low quality and most of them are aimed at children.
  • An egg hunt (also known as an egg drop) is when eggs spawn or drop in various places in the featured game(s). Eggs featured in the game commonly have special abilities (such as being able to kill players) while a few others don't, which makes them more challenging to obtain. Purchasable items may also be available for these events, but many of them only work for the game featured in the event.
  • "Giftsplosion" is when a various amount of wearable presents are released in the catalog. To obtain these presents, players would either have to buy it with ROBUX or Tickets for a various price (depending on their rarity) or by completing the objective required to obtain the gift before the gift becomes unavailable. After the gift becomes unavailable to obtain, a hat, gear item, face, or rarely, packages, may come out of the gift. Some gifts contain clues about what might be inside them by their design.


Below are all the events known, from 2007 to 2016.

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