F.E.A.R, or FEAR as called by some, is a super clan of about nearly 20,000 members founded initially in 2009. The group is known for its ex-BTMpire status and being the first version of the SONIC's FEAR, which is thought to have originated from this FEAR.


The group was founded in 2009 and eventually obtained by BobaTheMan in 2010 as part of the BTMpire, however, the group lost BobaTheMan (or, BTM's) ownership due to him giving out his groups then purposely getting himself IP Banned as part of an attempt to quit ROBLOX in 2011.

The group switched leaders variously until it finally landed in the hands of LordShadow19, who holds it to this day.

United Command

The United Command is a Coalition created by F.E.A.R consisting of John's Cobras, Green Gods, BEAR Supremacy, FEAR itself, and various other groups.

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