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Eclipsis is a game made by F.F.T.L owned by Davidii. Eclipsis  is a game where teams defend and battle each other until there is only one team left that survives. Structures and weapons are produced using iridium the game is made by Defaultio and Davidii.


Practice mode is a feature which allows players to train and practice techniques and strategies.

Gameplay (Practice Mode)

To enter Practice mode, you need to find the teleport pad that is located on the right side of the lobby (red shuttle side), under a sign that says : "Practice Mode". Upon touching the pad, the player will rise up into the air for a couple of seconds. Then, the screen goes black and the player is teleported to a solo game. The player is then put on a team named "Practice". The team's color is a very light yellowish color. Since the player is alone, crafting weapons and defences is not nessesary. The player can then go ahead and do anything they want, just like in a normal game. Since you are the only one in the server, the only way to quit is to leave the game and re-join Eclipsis.


The Figure is a humanoid object that can be found down by the Iridium Ocean. It can be found both in a regular game and in Practice Mode.

Appearance and location

The Figure looks similar to the classic roblox noob; it has yellow arms, a green torso, blue legs and no face. It also has a nametag "Figure", hence the name. It is anchored about waist-deep in the Ocean, meaning that desperate players can hop on it to slighly reduce their damage intake if they fall into the Ocean and are near it. The Figure is located in between two Starter Islands. 


The Figure does not move, or show any signs of scripting. It is not targeted at by Regular Turrets or Arc Turrets, and does not seem to take damage from weapons (Only the Assault Rifle was tested, however it is highly unlikely that it will take damage from other weapons). One possibility is that the Figure is just an easter egg added by one of the developers. Another unconfirmed theory is that some sort of "Practice Dummies" are being developed for helping players practice in Practice Mode, and the Figure is a Work-In-Progress dummy of some kind.

Changeling Man Figurine Dude