Template:BelligerentsThe First Polish Army-Der Deutsche Wehrmacht war (FPA-DDW War) is a conflict that ignited between Theminer8429's First Polish Army and ItsJB_YT's Der Deutsche Wehrmacht.


The conflict ignited in early March 2017, and is still ongoing in the present.


No raids took place until mid-March, when the First Polish Army and volunteers of Polska Armia unsuccessfully attacked, resulting in the Battle of Kutno, which was a tactical DDW victory. No raids took place until late March, when DDW attacked, resulting in the Battle of Schoenfeld, which was a decisive First Polish Army Victory, due to the successful encirclement of DDW's forces in the town.

Current Status

The war is technically ongoing, with an unagreed ceasefire. with no major battles happening since the successful defense of Schoenfeld.

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