Faces are items that can be purchased from the catalog that replace the ROBLOXian's head decal in many different unique styles. Faces are simply purchasable decals that are used for an avatar's aesthetics. To buy a Face from the catalog, go to "Body Parts" on the left side of the catalog. Hold your mouse/cursor over the text until more text appear. You should see "Faces" appear, click that and it'll bring you to all of the Faces on ROBLOX. There, you can buy any Face that suits your mood or your style.

Colored Faces

Blizzard Beast Mode face

Example of a colored face, the Blizzard Beast Mode.

Colored faces first appeared in the catalog in October 2009. They're usually sold as LimitedU, which later is sold second-hand and often creates a large profit for the original buyer.

The Red Tango was the first face with color and was originally sold for 500 ROBUX.

The most expensive LimitedU colored face is the Eyes of Crimsonwrath, which is a whopping 500,000 ROBUX



happy face

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  • Some faces like the Shiny Teeth, Awkward and Know-It-All Grin are considered to be faces that Online Daters use.
  • Girls often use the Mr. Chuckles face combined with the ROBLOXian 2.0 package.
  • On April 23, 2015, the default face was changed to Smile, but it was changed back to the default face on May 7, 2015.
  • Purple Alien was the first tix face in ROBLOX. It was sold for 2000 Tix for a short time before it went limited
  • There are 3 retextures of Epic Face: Epic Vampire Face, ROBLOX Madness and Tix Vision.
  • There is a small hack which you can change your face for free by replacing the image of the default face in the ROBLOX files; but it will only be seen by you in-game. It will also replace the face of other players with the default face with image you replaced with.
  • The most expensive non-LimitedU face is the Sir Rich McMoneyston III, which is 10,001 ROBUX
  • There's currently 4 faces that are free in the catalog.
  • Check It and Chill were the very first free faces, added on January 14th, 2009

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