False reporting occurs when a user in a game reports a user for no reason, or a user reports another one for no reason. For example, players might report for not listening to demands, even though the other player has said "no".  

False reporting can result in action taken against a ROBLOX account, including a warning or ban. However, users can report someone who has falsely reported them in a game by reporting the player, then selecting the reason as "Falsely Reporting Me", which has been removed as an option. So you will have to select a different option and write the description as 'False report's. 

The chatlog will be investigated by ROBLOX admins to check for any violations of the Terms of Service once a report is received. 

Examples of False Reporting

(Work at a pizza place)

Player2 - "Can I be Manager"
Player1 - "No"
Player2 - "I'm reporting you!"

(Prison Life)

*Player1 arrests Player2 for trying to break out of prison*

Player2: "Hey! How dare you arrest me! I'm reporting you!"


*Player1 shoots Player2 as cop camping at bank*

Player2: "No fair, I'm reporting you!"

Flamingo / Albertsstuff

BANNED FROM ROBLOX (for a really weird reason..

BANNED FROM ROBLOX (for a really weird reason...)

Near the end of 2017, popular ROBLOX YouTuber Flamingo had been undergoing multiple attacks of false reporting, resulting in the removing of one of his groups as well as places and his account being banned for 3 days. It is unknown whether ROBLOX read the descriptions.

So far this is one of the largest known cases of false reporting in ROBLOX.