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Motto: "The flame never dies." Fire Warriors Clan (FWC) is a War group in ROBLOX ."

Fire Warriors Clan (FWC) is a clan dedicated to training its soldiers properly and bringing them up to the pinnacle of fighting skill. It is now the time to claim our righteous victories and defeat our enemies. "From the ashes, we rise. From the embers, we conquer. With the fire, we win." Now 3rd in the top 50 sword fighting clans in roblox


The current leader of Fire Warriors Clan is HumanXerxes. HumanXerxes is a skilled and notable member shown throughout the entirety of Roblox. He is a remarkable player in terms of both skill and leadership. 


FWC: Magma Warriors

The members that are included in this division are only a chosen few Magma Warriors was created by Ignifernus to unify the most elite of warriors and to serve as a common purpose as a Final Battle Team and occasional instructor in raids and trainings. 

FWC: Masons

This division is for elite builders who contribute to making various things for FWC.

FWC: Domination 

This division is for shutting down groups. Personal Message Coejoe and give him the group to shutdown.


As of 2015 Coejoethegreat has made one uniform that he allows ALL ranks to customize



Military ranks

LR = Low Rank | MR = Middle Rank | HR = High Rank

Ranks Description Rating
Pyrophyte LR
Warrior LR
Soldier LR
Legionnaire LR
Sentinel LR
Praetorian LR
Champion LR
Knight MR
Paladin MR
Centurion MR
Legate MR
Diplomat  Ally
Brigadier HR
Admiral HR
General HR
Arch General HR
Imperial Advisor HR
Peacekeeper HR
Emperor HR

HRs and Departments

Head of War



The Department of War is created to handle all affairs with all clans that are related to war. This Department is responsible for deciding who to go to war to, leading the majority of raids, Creating the war terms, keeping count of the war score and to announce victories and defeats. The current Director is ImmortalityZ    [=========================================================] 

Head of Diplomacy 



The Department of Diplomacy is charged with handling all affairs related to alliances, allied support and coalitions. This Department is responsible for finding new prospective allies for FWC and also maintaining alliance bonds. The Department of Diplomacy is the only Department so far to have had two Directors. The previous Director was bazookapotato, until his resignation in June. After a surprising resignation from StormGeneralX, FWC's current Head of Diplomacy is Calebhill98.


Head of Elites

This Department is mainly focused on our elite division: FWC: Magma Warriors. MW is full of our top-notch soldiers, willing to step up and be in the front line during raids. These warriors prove themselves as one of the best. The previous director, Inversus, had to go inactive due to school. No one currently hold this position.



Head of Technology 

This Department is focused on consistently giving Fire Warriors Clan improved equipment, bases, forts, training centres, rally centres and scripting. The Director is responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of every single place of Fire Warriors Clan. The current Director is HumanXerxes. 

Head of Internal Affairs

This Department is focused on helping out all FWC's members with any queries, problems and also wall moderation. The Director is also responsible for enforcing the rules of the group at every group place. The previous Director was Ignifernus, until his resignation in August The current Director is HumanXerxes.

Current High Rank holders 

Peacekeeper: CoejoeTheGreat

Imperial Advisor: Inversus

Arch Imperators: Reset

Generals: Josh650 Ignifernus

Admirals: Runawaydunepass Fluxert

Brigadiers: A lot/

Wrote and Edited by Calebhill98 known as RESET now

Calebhill98 is an active member in FWC,and he was an Low rank and his rank was private. Now he is currently an HR dedicated to success of FWC, Caleb became the Head of Diplomacy when we had no one holding that position, and Caleb started to arrange alliances. Caleb has now made us allies with the top sword clans in the clan community.