On July 2017 ROBLOX Introduced an update to the forums to make them more "user-friendly". They have moved several forum categories and deleted others. 

The forum now has 6 main categories: 

  • Roblox News & Discussion 
  • Help (Technical Support and Account Issues) 
  • Clans & Guilds 
  • Let's Make a Deal 
  • Game Design 
  • Scripters 

And now looks incredibly different.



The forum update has been subject to a lot of criticism for "ruining cultures" of other subforums. The ROBLOX News & Discussion forum is especially argued against as it merged together a lot of diverse forums, such as "Suggestions & Ideas", "All Things ROBLOX", and "Off Topic".

There is also no place after the update to discuss content not related to ROBLOX, which made some users very upset. Many forum-users have quit ROBLOX because of this update.

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