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Free users are players on ROBLOX that do not have Builder's Club. The majority of users on ROBLOX are playing for free. Among most ROBLOX users, these users are known as "NBC" (Non Builder's Club). You can still play most games without having a free account, or an account at all. You just have to play as a guest. Because of the lack of an official icon for NBC, some users create unofficial ones.

How To Be A Free Player

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Register".
  3. Enter the credentials your account will use.
  4. Play ROBLOX!


The free user is severely limited on privileges. Here are the restrictions:

  • 1 active place only
  • Unable to create shirts and pants
  • Unable to buy certain items in the catalog
  • Unable to use "BC Beta Features"
  • Unable to use the Trading System.
  • Unable to create groups, but can be a member of up to 5 groups.
  • Unable to create badges
  • Increased difficulty to purchase various items on the ROBLOX catalog (Due to the limitation of 10 tickets a day if the player logs in every day, as well as the price floor for items increased to a high number)
  • Limited clothing
  • Able to see outside ads in the website and a commercial before playing a game.

Despite the extreme limitations of being a free user, he or she can still enjoy ROBLOX.


  • Former Builder's Club members can have a maximum of 5 active place slots (not to be confused with places).
  • Many free Accounts are Alternate Accounts. These accounts are often created to allow a person to have multiple places active without purchasing a Builder's Club membership.


Main Article: Criticism of ROBLOX

Many people have criticized free accounts for having "unfair" and "degrading" benefits compared to those with Builder's Club. This includes 1 place only, no Daily ROBUX, BC features such as hats and places (which, inadvertently, pressure some to purchase Builder's Club) and the fact that free players quitting saves the ROBLOX Company money. Back in 2008 and earlier (2006) there was no BC at all, nor were there robux .

One time, in April 2012, a ROBLOX user posted a thread on the ROBLOX Talk forum, stating that, in the future, NBC players have to pay money in order to chat in ROBLOX. Many NBC users are outraged at the statement. One NBC Player had complained, in a prediction, that ROBLOX would become a Pay to Play game in (approximately) 5 short years. It violated the quote from the TV Advertisement, "It's freeeeeee!!!!", breaking the promise that ROBLOX was all about. But then again, these are just rumors.

However, a strong argument can be made that Builders Club features are necessary to bring new customers, without Builders Club members, ROBLOX has little or no income.

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