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Free Model of a Car

Free Models are models saved on the ROBLOX website that others are free to use in their places.

In Studio, you can access Free Models by going to the "Home" or "View" tab, and clicking on "Toolbox".

Infected Models

As of late 2008, and so forth, certain types of free-models are known to contain "Infection" scripts, which mostly change the name of objects, or mass copy/delete items, thus causing lag. Being that way, people who have been around for awhile tend to stray away from them. "Infection" scripts have been known to mostly inhabit "Anti-Viral" scripts, "Anti-lag" scripts, admin commands, tool givers, and the tools themselves. These are also called Viruses and have the same function.

A good way to make sure a model doesn't have a virus or any type of infection is to check all the things that are in the model. Most are found in the form of a weld and the name of the weld often says something obvious to it's intention, such as "You got infected!". In some cases if you find this in free models nothing noticeable happens, but be sure to delete it just to be safe.

Tools to Combat Infected Models

The most common tool to automatically combat infected models are Plug-Ins. The most popular plug-in to combat infected models is Ro-Defender, which automatically detects and removes viruses and infected scripts from Free Models.


Free models have received harsh criticism from certain users in the community. Much of the community believes the use of free models indicates a lack of effort on the creator's part because they used another person's work (often without giving credit to said person) instead of creating it by themselves.


  • Sometimes if you added a free model to a place, it may say things like "DESTROY ROBLOX", "You're getting haxed.", "Telamon Rules", etc. This is due to an infectious script within the model.
  • Using Free Models is fine, but, don't make it obvious! You will be most likely disrespected and have bad comments.
  • Many games which have multiple free models are insulted, as are the creators of these types of games.

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