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A free item is a item on ROBLOX, costing R$0 {aka Free}

Images and More Info

Any item can be free, from a model to a hat.

For some reason, you can no-longer make shirts and pants Free.


After the word "price", it shows this. It says "Free".

Items ROBLOXians can make Free:

  • T-Shirt
  • Model {already Free}
  • Audio {already Free}
  • Decal {already Free}
  • Sets {already Free}
  • Plugins {Already Free}
  • Meshes {already Free}
  • Badges {already Free}
  • Animations {already Free}
  • Games {not a item & already Free until you make it for ROBUX}

Items ROBLOXians are restricted from making free or making in general:

  • Hats (ROBLOX Account only)
  • Gears (ROBLOX Account only)
  • Packages (ROBLOX Account only)
  • Faces (ROBLOX Account only)
  • Heads (ROBLOX Account only)
  • R15 Body Animations (ROBLOX Account only)
  • Shirts (BC Only)
  • Pants (BC Only)
  • Game Passes (Anybody can make this)


Examples of Free items:


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