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A friend request (also known as FR) is a method to obtain friends on ROBLOX. Obtaining 20 friends will give a user the Friendship Badge.


Friend requests notification

ROBLOX notifying you to let you know if you have a Friend Request.

Friend requests are initiated by looking at a user's profile and clicking the "Send Friend Request" button. It used to be possible to accompany the friend request with a message for users 13 years old or older. The user the friend request has been sent to has the choice of accepting or declining the request. If the user accepts the friend request, a message is sent to the requester to notify them.


Sending a Friend Request on the Leaderboard

ROBLOX also allows users to send friend requests in-game. This can be done by clicking a user's name on the leader-board and sending the request. To accept or decline these in-game friend requests, users can either click on the square on the right saying "(Username) sent you a friend request" or click on the leader-board and do the same there.

Due to an update named the "Friends and Followers" update introduced on February 4, 2015, "Best Friends" were turned into just "Friends", and "Friends" have been turned into "Followers". This meant that users can only have 200 friends.

Adding Friends

Another way of friending is by going on the in-game menu.


  • Occasionally when a user opens the friend request options when players click the player in-game, it can be almost impossible to remove the options by clicking anywhere on screen.
  • Whenever a player friends someone with 200 friends (or a player with 200 friends someone) from the in-game menu, the game will let you send the request, However, If the player accepts, the friend will not be added in real.
  • Sometime around 2012, there was a bug that let users accept friend requests without that user having sent a friend request in the first place.
  • Somewhere between December 2015 and January 2016, there was a bug where players couldn't send friend requests. This was fixed sometime in February 2016.
  • In February 2016, there was a bug that lets guests send friend requests. This was fixed by the end of March or April.


Some users are annoyed by friend requests. Users (especially newbies) often annoy other users by sending them friend requests and re-sending quickly if declined. Newbies often do this because they want more friends, or they just want to annoy the target user. Users doing this are often criticized as "noobs" or "5 year olds".

This can be especially annoying in places with the mouse pointer locked at a certain area, such as in first person shooters, often at the centre of the screen, meaning the only way they can accept or decline the friend request is to enter the in-game menu and doing it from there.

Additionally, many users were mad when ROBLOX introduced the limit, having only 200 friends at max. This is probably because users cannot chat with followers using the website, but only with friends.

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