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Fros Studio is a group owned by two users called frosman13 and vuurman98. The group has a Facebook Page and a Twitter. Recently, Fros Studio has gotten a Discord Server to help with communication with their fans and so players can keep up-to-date.


Fros Studio has 3 games:

5 Most Important Things

  • Having as little lag problems as we can to keep players happy and content while they play our games as smooth as they can. 
  • Tablet / phone and console support for all our games so we can extent our connection to as many players. 
  • Having mute music possible as many players can get annoyed with the music that plays. 
  • Everything must work fine and been tested fully to keep plays happy and from breaking / exploiting the game. 
  • Trying to listen to what the players want until a certain extent. Our players are important and we'll try hard to listen to them! 

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