The Flash Tycoon is a game that is rising in popularity. It is currently still in its Beta phase and it is made by the group, Fros Studio, with the creator being vuurman98.

The Story

The Story of the game is an interactive cutscene that has you walking around a laboratory. You can skip it by pressing the "Skip Story" button on the right-hand side of the screen.

The Cortex

Within The Cortex, there are a series of rooms that are for show. In one room there is a suit that looks like The Flash's from the TV show accompanied by three computers. In the other room, there is what seems to be a conveyor belt to monitor The Flash's speed.

Particle Accelerator

Two people; Cisco and Harrison Wells watch over a guy in the Particle Accelerator machine as an orb of light comes towards him. As it approaches the guy in the machine, he seems to vanish into thin air before the screen fades to black. You are required to go into here to get out of the cutscene if you do not want to press the "Skip Story" button.


General Currency

Speed Samples (S)

S is the very first currency type that you get. You use it progress your tycoon and buy more droppers along with characters you can buy.

Velocity 9 (V9)

V9 is a currency used more later-game that is required to build your tycoon further and to help buy V9 droppers. You can buy this from the store or you can earn it by buying your first V9 dropper for a few LS.

Lives Saved (LS)

LS is a currency used at start-game to buy later items in order to start making V6. You can get LS by buying it from the shop or by going into the city and find people within the building. The civilians respawn every 120 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds).


Velocity 6 (V6)

You can get V6 in the Sewers located in The City. You need to pay 20K S to buy something called phase that allows you to phase through the grid. Inside there are small bottles with green liquids inside. Walking into them will give you a single V6.

Velocity 10 (V10)

This is a premium currency that you are required to buy from the shop for Robux.


This is a currency that you earn from doing missions from the prison.


Reborn 1

  • To Be Released


The City

The City is a place within the map where you can collect LS by saving civilians inside buildings. Many of the buildings you cannot enter, but a lot of them you can. To get to The City you can cross a bridge or swim around the back to a ladder.

Speed Changer

This is a shop located in The City that allows you to change the trail that comes off of you when you enable Flash Run and move. You are required to use either V6 or V10 to be able to change your trail.

Morph Shop

This is a shop located in The City that allows you to change what you look like. It is currently inaccessible as it's still being built - released in Big Update Part 2.

Morph Name Price Image
Future Tycoon TBA To Be Gotten
Kid Flash 52 TBA To Be Gotten
Godspeed TBA To Be Gotten
Impulse TBA To Be Gotten
Young Justice Kid Flash TBA To Be Gotten

Trade & Transport

These are two shops located in one building in The City that allows you trade your V6 currency for S, V9 or LS. So far Transport is unavailable due to being built still - released in Big Update Part 2.

Weapon Shop

This store is located in The City and allows you to buy a variety of weapons for V6 or V10.

The Sewers

The Sewers is a place under The City (the entrance is in the center) where you can collect V6. Before you can fully enter The Sewers, you are required to pay 20K SThe Sewers also hold Grodd, a boss that you can defeat to obtain V6.

The Ruins

The Ruins is a maze that holds Savitar and Time Wraiths. You're required to go in there to kill Savitar.


Character Name What They Do Image
Cisco Tells you about the Speed of God who was trapped by Barry Allen and The Ruins, the place the Speed of God is in and how to access it. He also warns you about Savitar; the guy you need to kill, and Time Wraiths.
Harrison Wells Nothing
Harrison Wells
Savitar You've got to kill this guy in The Ruins.
Time Wraiths You have to avoid these guys in The Ruins as their purpose is to kill you.
Time Wraith

Character Selection

There are 4 selections that you can choose from that are listed in the table below. They do not have any effects other than changing what you look like. Once you die, you will spawn as your default character, but you can change again by opening the menu and then pressing the character tab.

Default Characters

Character Name Image
Your ROBLOXian
Your ROBLOXian

Event Characters

Character Name Image
Santa Flash
Santa Flash

Buyable Characters

These characters must be brought in your tycoon's Hall Of Heroes. They all cost roughly 70K S.

Character Name Image
Jesse Quick
Jesse Quick
The Flash Season 2
The Flash Season 2
Jay Garrick Earth 2
Jay Garrick Earth 2
The Rival
The Rivial
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash
Black Flash
Black Flash
Flash Season 1
Flash Season 1
Kid Flash
Kid Flash
Jay Garrick Earth 3
Jay Garrick Earth 3



This is an event where a character named Zoom will target and attack you, dealing damage over time. Killing him will give you _ S.

Reverse Flash

This is an event where a character named Reverse Flash will target and attack you, dealing damage over time. Killing him will give you _ S.



  • Frosman13
  • vuurman98


  • frosman13
  • glennboy94
  • vurrman98


  • frosman13
  • vuurman98

Idea From

  • vuurman98
  • glennboy94

Questions and Answers

This section of the game can be found right at the start of the game by pressing a button labeled as "Information".

Question Answer
How do I begin my Tycoon? Touch a brick that says "Touch me to work".
How do I get Lives Saved (LS)? Walk to the city and there are people in buildings that need saving. In order to do so, you touch them and that adds to your Lives Saved count.
How do I get Velocity 9 (V9)? You can make V9 with Lives Saved.
How do I get Speed Samples (S) quicker? Play an obby or wait for an event.
How do I mute the music? Click on the "Settings" button, then click "Mute".
What if there is something broken? Send a message to the Fros Studio group or on the Discord Server.

How do I get the tachyon device


These are updates from versions 0.21 and onwards.

Version 0.21

Update release date: 29th March 2017
  • Updated: Shop
  • Added: more buildings
  • Fixed: Tachyon Device
  • Fixed: Zoom Event
  • Fixed: Reverse Flash Event

Version 0.211

Update release date: 1st April 2017
  • Updated: Obby's
  • Fixed: Time Wraiths
  • Fixed: Tutorial Ruines
  • Fixed: Ruines
  • Fixed: Savitar Morph
  • Fixed: Obby 1 & 2
  • Fixed: Morphs
  • Fixed: event bonus
  • Fixed: General bug fixes
  • Removed: Time

Version 0.212

Update release date: 3rd April 2017
  • Changed: Location Shops
  • Changed: Location buildings
  • Added: Shop Statues
  • Added: Signs
  • Added: Signs above shops

Version 0.22 - The Big Update [Part 2]

Update release date: 25th April 2017
  • Updated: Game to FE
  • Added: Reborn 1
  • Added: Shop
  • Added: New morphs in Morph shop
  • Added: Transport shop
  • Added: 2nd settings
  • Added: BackPack
  • Added: New currency "Cash"
  • Updated: Chat
  • Fixed: Doors


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  •  It was based on the TV series known as Flash.