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The Funny Movie Contest was a YouTube-based comedy film contest held by the staff of ROBLOX. It started on May 19th, 2008, and ended June 9th, 2008.

About the Contest

The Contest had 8 winning entries and 2 prizes for each entry, the rules and goal were almost the same as the Humorous Video Contest, the entries had to be apropiate, most of the footage had to be ROBLOX related and the goal was to create a funny ROBLOX video.

The prizes for all were ROBUX300 and a video contest exclusive Security Camera Hat. The entries were (In no order):

  • "Max & Bob Visit Robloxia" by maxxz
  • "Stfcrb’s Fun Time 2" by StfcrbNoob
  • "Name Show by NoobName" by Wirodeu and hugeflare
  • "Roblox Christmas at Ground Zero" by Stickmasterluke
  • "Indiana Legocat5 And The Holy Bob" by legocat5
  • "Roblox: The Bloxxer Bunch" by CobraStrike4
  • "ROBLOX – May-Funny" by Johnny2008 and Acbc
  • "Top 10 ways to die in Roblox" by Are92, Are14 and Minilandstan

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