Game Passes

Game passes that can be purchased.

Game passes are items users can buy directly from a game's page. Game passes are similar to VIP t-shirts, but because they are linked to the game's page itself, the risks of scamming are minimized, which is why game passes have since replaced VIP t-shirts.


Game passes were added in September 2012. Shortly after its release, a blog post was made to give users information on them.


Unlike VIP t-shirts, game passes allow users (even those without Builders Club) to offer exclusive in-game features without requiring the user who purchased it to wear that specific item. In addition, as an anti-fraud measure, revenue generated from game passes is temporarily withheld from the creator. Making a game pass initially costed a 100 ROBUX fee. This fee has since been waived, and making a game pass is now Free.

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