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Elemental Battlegrounds is a game made by the development group Gamer Robot on December 5, 2016. It is the sequel to Elemental Wars.


"Fight solo or team up with friends in this new action packed magic fighting game! To earn diamonds and shards, use your magics and level up! You can also find them around the map in Drop Zones and buy them in the in-game shop. Spend them on learning any new element you choose! Have # good computer? Turn off automatic graphics and put them above 8 to see all of the added effects, like neon!

⭐Join Gamer Robot for double daily rewards! Controls PC: Double tap WASD to do flips, Ctrl/Cmd to sprint, Q to punch, R to block, hold click to charge some magic moves. Tablet: Jump twice to flip, and use mobile control buttons to toggle sprinting and blocking. Hold down to charge some magic moves. Follow @Elements_RBLX for information, sneak peaks, and voting on new updates! Have any well thought out ideas? Post them!"


This game is a skill/level based PVP game, with level meaning slightly more than skill. 

This game is similar to the game Elemental Wars (link needed), showing simular abilities, and character movements. Elemental Wars however was more skill based, as you could unlock all moves to an element within an hour.

In this game, you start off with 160 (Counting the daily gift)

diamonds, enabling you to buy one of the weaker elements in the shop. Using the weaker element, you can gain shards that allow you to unlock stronger moves in that element, and gain diamonds, which eventually allow you to gain stronger elements and eventually fuse those elements together to produce extremely strong elements.

You can also increase levels this way.

In Elemental Battlegrounds every time you increase a level, you receive a "stat point" with you can use to increase one of 6 traits:

(all stats start at 50 stat points, and spent stat points can be reset through a 75 R$ purchase. This only resets the stats back down to 50)

Speed: Your character walkspeed. At a max of 100 stat, it is about 32 (base is 16). This includes increases to how fast you move around when falling. Pretty simple. Sprinting increases this speed even further, to about 36.

Health: Your max character hitpoints. At a max of 100 stat, it is exactly 1500 (base for this game is 1000). This also seems to increase how many hitpoints/second you passively regenerate, though further testing would be needed. This does NOT increase how many hitpoints you recover through elements. I.e. The Light element's heal uncharged will heal you 100-250 hitpoints at the minimum of 50 stat, and it will heal you 100-250 hitpoints at the maximum of 100 stat.

Stamina; Your max Stamina points. At a max of 100 stat, it is exactly 1500 (base is 1000). Just like with health this seems to increase how quickly you recover stamina. More testing required. Stamina is used for sprinting (CTRL toggle) and the movement abilities (double tapping the directional keys)

Power: The hitpoint strength of your moves. At a max of 100 stat, it increases the hitpoint damage you do to an enemy by 13%. This does not increase the time an opponent's movements are inhibited with spells that do so, and does not increase the time an opponent is blinded with spells that do so. This attack boost even when maxed, stacks with the attack boost granted by the Fire element's ability to increase damage. At base the Fire Element's first spell does 18 damage/shot. With max stat and Increase Damage ability, it does 32 damage/shot.

Defense: The number of hitpoints you lose when attacked. This stat is the opposite of Power. At a max of 100, this stat essentially cancels out an enemy's max power stat. No matter what attack move an enemy player does, their moves will always do some amount of damage if they land. With that said, with max defense, the damage is noticeably less.  

Mana: Your max Mana points. At a max of 100 stat, it is exactly 150 (base of 1000) Just as with Health and Stamina, this also seems to increase how much mana you recover. At a max of 100, you could use the Fire Element's first spell over and over (every time it cools down) and never run out of mana. If you charge it and use it, you've already recovered the mana it used by time it fires.