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Gears are catalog items that usually appear as a tool. They can be worn on the profile of a player's avatar or be allowed in games that have allowed the gear's specific attributes and genre. There are many types of gears, a few examples being swords, lasers, and musical instruments. As of Febuary 19th 2016, there is 1090 gears in total.

Genres of Gear

  • Melee Weapon - A close quarter weapon, typically an edged weapon such as a sword, or a bludgeon, such as the hammer. Some weapons in this category are dual-wielded.
  • Ranged Weapons - Weapons that work effectively, if not better, on distant targets. Such weapons include guns and lasers. Note that some ranged weapons behave indirectly, such as via spawned minions that attack other players.
  • Explosive - Items that usually explode, as the names suggest, to clear enemies behind cover, in groups, or for general chaos. Such weapons include bombs and rocket launchers.
  • Power Up - Tools that usually enhance the player in some way, such as increasing max health or walking speed. Some flying gears fall into this category.
  • Navigation Enhancers - Tools that help users move around the game. This can be either allowing higher jumps, flying, or by increasing walking speed for as long as the gear is equipped. 
  • Musical Instruments - Any gear that can potentially be used to play music. IE: Guitars, drums, and tubas.
  • Social Items - Gears that typically are used for social events. An example is one of the many dancing potions, or GUI-based mini-game gears.
  • Building Tools - Any gear that can potentially be used to build or modify in-game structures that are not Explosives. One example in this category is the paint bucket.
  • Personal Transport - Any gears that physically help the ROBLOXian move around the map. A prime example are skateboards. Some gears in this category spawn vehicle models. 


Certain gear items are set to expire after a certain amount of time from being purchased by a user. These gear items are typically much cheaper than similar gear items that do not expire.

While an expiring item is in your inventory, it will have how much time is remaining until the item expires displayed underneath the item's name and thumbnail. Once a gear item expires, it can no longer be brought into places or worn on your character. The items do however remain in your inventory, and can be renewed by repurchasing the item.

Special gear items sold around holidays and events, such as fireworks for the Fourth of July and Vuvuzelas for the 2010 World Cup, often expire in this way.

Allowed Gear Types

Some users choose to disallow certain genre of gears from being taken into their places. This means that even though you own the gear and it's in your user's inventory, it will not show up in-game. Other users however, choose to only allow a genre of gear that matches that of their game.


  • Limited

    Anything that has this tag on it is a limited item but is still in stock.

    Limited - A gear that was once on sale (or distributed in some way) for a set price, put off sale, and reintroduced as a resell-able is a Limited item. Any type of the Limited gear will not have a serial number.
  • LimitedU - A gear that as soon as it is released, has a number in stock and is sold for a set price. Each time it is bought, the buyer will receive the item along with a serial number that corresponds to what number buyer he/she was. Once it is sold out, it is resell-able.
  • BC Only Items - These items can only be bought by users that have bought  Builder's Club,Turbo Builders Club, or Outrageous Builders Club.
  • TBC Only Items - These items can only be bought by users that have bought Turbo or Outrageous Builder's Club.
  • OBC Only Items - These items can only be bought by users that have bought Outrageous Builder's Club.
  • Rental -These items expire after a certain period of time.
  • Timed-Items that have a limited amount of time to be sold.

NOTE: If you have a Builder's Club membership higher than the Builder's Club tag required to buy it, then you are able to buy it. I.E: A player who is TBC is able to buy a BC only item, but the vice-versa cannot happen.

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