This article is about a semi-discontinued feature.
Genres are groups that make it easier to find a specific game. For example, if a game was set in the wild west, it would go in the Western genre.

The Genres filtering was removed in October 26th 2017 for an apparently unknown reason. This caused a bit of outrage in the forums after it was removed. However the Genre filtering still exists in the Catalog, but it is currently unknown if it will be also removed in the future.



Formerly "All Genres"

Objects & games that cannot be specified in one single genre; multiple genres.


Formerly "Tutorial"

Games focused on building mechanics, such as sandbox games. Objects that assist with building.


Formerly "Scary"

Objects & games with frightening and/or disturbing imagery, content, and/or mechanics/features, meant to scare and create fear in players. (May be intense for young users.)

Town and City

Games with a setting in a city or urban environment with associated gameplay. A modern object.


Objects & games focused on war with some strategy mechanics.


Formerly "LOL"

Games and objects with comedic, light-hearted, or novelty gameplay or functions, meant to make players laugh and feel happy


Formerly "Fantasy"

Games with a setting in the past, usually in medieval times and/or in a fantasy setting; games with "magical" qualities. Games in this genre can often be categorized as RPG as well. Objects with historic or "magical" qualities, such as a bow, catapult, or spells.


Games with exploration, interactive qualities, and/or action gameplay. Objects with adventurous/crusading qualities, such as a sword.


Objects & games with science fictional qualities and gameplay.


Formerly "Pirate"

Objects & games with some adventurous or war-like qualities with a setting among water or seas.


Games with first person shooter gameplay. Objects with ranged weapon-like qualities, especially gun-like items.


Games with role-playing gameplay; any game where you take or participate in a role. Objects with Role-playing qualities.


Formerly Skateboarding

Games based on various sports. Objects based on sporting goods & equipment.


Formerly "Ninja"

Games with fighting qualities. BrickBattles can also be fitted into this genre. Objects with offensive/defensive abilities, such as a rocket and trowel (builds a brick wall- defensive).


Games with historic or vintage qualities with a setting usually in the "wild west". Objects with western (genre) qualities, such as boots or vintage guns.


Former genre used for skate parks and you can go to it by changing the genre filter to 18.


These are some of the icons used for these genres:

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