The Goggles set of hats was started in December 21st, 2007 after the Elite Gift of Hax0r was opened and revealed the Night Vision Goggles. The series since then started making more and more retextures and versions of the hat.


Many goggles hats have an appearance of a blocky item strapped to your head with two cylinders representing the "vision" from the goggles. The Night Vision Goggles (the oldest release) had a black block, with a leather-orange strap and green eyeglasses. Meanwhile, the most recent version titled "Silly Vision Goggles" has a birch-wood looking brick with brown straps and black-and-white eyeglasses, representing googly eyes. Other appearances vary throughout the Goggle series.


Goggles first started with Night Vision Goggles on 21/12/07 (or 12/21/07) and had been the start of the Goggles series. Around 200 to 300 people are known that own this, and it currently sells as Limited with an average Recent Average Price of 25,000 R$ to 50,000 R$. Soon, another pair was made on 15/5/09 titled "Heat Vision Goggles". It currently sells at 12,000 TIX or roughly 650 ROBUX. This appearance made a camo block with black staps and red eyeglasses. It currently stands as the best-selling goggles hat and 2nd most-owned goggles hat. Another two years later, on 27/10/11 an archive was made for goggles that was titled "USA Goggles". They eventually were released for Indepencence Day 2012. 3385 copies were sold before being taken off and becoming limited for Memorial Day 2013. However, on 9/2/12, another Goggles hat was released titled "Frost Vision Goggles" for R$5,000. It's the 3rd least-owned goggle hat and the 2nd least-selling. It had a black block and a blue headband with a frozen-looking eyeglasses appearance with icicles and a light blue. During Giftsplosion 2012, a gift titled High Frequency Trading Gift was released and given to those who had 8 completed trades on 18/12/12. The gift opened on 21/12/12 (a possible reference to the 5th anniversery of Night Vision Goggles) to open with Profit Vision Goggles. The appearance was basically the same as Night Vision Goggles, except with dollar signs in the eyeglasses of it. It soon became limited itself and stands as the cheapest Goggle hat yet. On 8/11/13, a successor to the Frost Vision Goggles was published titled "Flame Vision Goggles", which was virtually the same as Frost Vision Goggles except replacing the blue headband with a red one and having a fiery look to the eyeglasses. It wasn't until April 2015 that another new Goggles hat was released titled Silly Vision Goggles. Unlike any other Goggles hat, this was the first to appear by getting a ROBLOX Card, in this case a Walmart 25 dollar card in the month of April. As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, it had a silly and bright look with googly eyes as eyeglasses. This is the most recent update to the Goggles hats and is also the only Goggles hat that is labeled "Not for Sale".


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