Green Gods, abbreviated as "GG", is well-known war group which was founded in 2010 by EmperorRyzoft and RetartedGuest. Despite its bad reputation with admin abuse, it has managed to overcome that and has grown significantly.


After being founded, Green Gods quickly grew because of its uniqueness in the clan world. Members such as RSF HR Stipess joined Green Gods and quickly worked his way through the ranks. Not much is known about why Retardedguest left, but after he did Stipess replaced him as Co-Leader.

Shortly after members such as XDdude1234(Protector57/Flavourex), Cooldj(DarkTwistedCrimson), EmperorOrin(Increated), LadySatine(Lady_Satine), SoarinsSin(Madagaskar), bladebattle(voxephix) and Maste join Green Gods and a HICOM began to form, lots of arguments occurred with Maste and Dark with Ryzoft, at one point Maste and Dark left. Dark rejoined but Maste did not.

Around the time Green Gods had 10k members they quickly formed a rivalry with a clan called B.E.E, they were competitive of who got the most members the fastest. Green Gods in the end surpassed B.E.E by a lot.

Around 15k members Green Gods started getting very active, and EmperorRyzoft actually started improving the reputation, it never got its full reputation back after the countless AA from the HRs, but, it did improve as good high ranks such as SoarinsSin(Madagaskar) really dedicated themselves to stop the abuse and rebuild the reputation.

Also around this time members such as Loganpumpum(EmperorLogan), Majeticlori(Maji_Poo), orsta and a few others that are current HRs joined.

Nothing really happened much after that except slowly increasing members and coming out with new tech, in fact Green Gods actually came out with good tech at the time. A scripter named LightsOfHope(Vrakos) GGs head scripter, scripted an auto promotion bot that made it so you can promote from in game by the click of a button on a GUI!

Skipping to about 25k members, GG had been declared war on by Vortex Security, a much larger force than GG, GG and VS tried negotiating terms, but neither side would budge and it ended up being canceled. Shortly after Lortex Security declared war on Green Gods, but 2 weeks after Flavoured temporarily left clans.

Around 28k members EmperorRyzofts 2ic DarkTwistedCrimson, mysteriously went missing and didn't come back for 6 months. Dark did inform his left hand man BeastlyMonster that he "would be gone for a while", but no one but a few HRs at the time actually believed Beastly due to the lack of information, leading to troll HR Kashishlimbu123 saying that he was in a car crash. In Darks absence, VoxEphix and Tormentogencide were chosen as Temp 2ic, and Majesticlori who had worked his way through the ranks all the way to H5 as Temp 3ic. During Darks absence a few Admin Attacks happened. One being Vrakos giving Torm ryans account password, Torm taking Green Gods and giving Finals alt the highest rank to exile people 100 people a second! A second time, DragonLord1333 got fished and promoted 100+ people to HR! After these 2 incidents Green Gods dropped 3k members, mysteriously all high ranks including stipess, were demoted and exiled, BUT, Dark.

Shortly after the admin attacks VoxEphix retired and Majesticlori became temp 2ic. At this stage the normal high ranks (Including HR Kashishlimbu123 and others) Had become inactive.

After Dark came back, he told Ryzoft he was gone for personal issues and everything restored to normal. In fact before Dark came back, he got an era named after him, The Crimson Era. About 4 months after, EmperorRyzoft wanted wanted to start focusing on YouTube, for his fans, he officially gave DarkTwistedCrimson leader of Green Gods and Ryzoft became Co-Leader.

During Dark's rule, GG became SUPER active 50+ to trainings, and new tech came out. But the downside was the 50+ were mostly 2.0s who rage quit during raids and didn't follow orders. The tech was good and Holo Crimson became the most visited place of Green Gods, besides Ryke which had been around for 5 years. Another issue is Dark's 2IC Majesticlori was exiled for "starting a rebellion" but in the end everyone agreed it was a mis-understanding and things returned to normal. A second time Majesticlori was demoted for trying to "scam GG off dark". But that was also a mis-understanding.

Majesticlori then became inactive due to school, busy on weekends, etc., Dark was left to basically leave GG by himself. Dark wanted GG to not be 2.0s anymore, he was going to do a total reform, new HRs, everything would be changed but the current HICOM. When Majesticlori was on his way home from a vacation he was checking ROBLOX from his Phone or iPad he told GG HRs, and saw Green Gods was no longer owned by Dark, he checked his messages and had received a message titled "Your time has come, you are the next leader of Green Gods" confused he messaged Ryzoft to see what had happened, Darks reform had failed, and to not harm GG anymore then he already had he resigned. Ryzoft tried to continue the reform and convince the HRs/members it was successful. He deleted many ranks and renamed them. He gave Majesticlori the highest rank (besides leader) and Ryzoft held the group. About a month after Green Gods activity went from 2 to a training to 10-15. Ryzoft after about 1–2 months finally trusted Majesticlori enough to actually give him the group. Majesticlori has yet to lay down goals for Green God's future, but from what we've seen so far, the future is looking bright and despite everything that has happened, Green Gods is here to stay. This has been proven as LordWarm donated 15,000 robux to Green Gods' funding and every other High Ranks dedication.

Green Gods Reborn (Cyantious Era)

To be updated.