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This article is about the feature. For the ROBLOX Wikia category for Groups, see Category:Groups.

Groups are one of the features on ROBLOX created in 2009. Players could create groups of many genres and have a limitless amount of members. All players on ROBLOX are allowed to join groups, however, only Builders Club members are allowed to make groups. Making a group costs 100 Robux. Players are given a certain limit on how many groups they are able to join based on their membership. Non-Builders Club members are permitted to join up to five groups at one time, Builders Club members are allowed to join/own up to 10 groups at one time, Turbo Builders Club members are given the privilege to own and/or be in up to 20 groups at one time, and members with Outrageous Builders Club have the capacity to join or own 100 groups.

On May 28, 2015, the ability to make group games was added. Multiple players could work on a game, and the leader of the group can share the revenue with the payouts feature. Instructions are provided here.

Creating a group

In order to create a group, players must first have any type of Builders Club, then go to "My Roblox" and click on the button labeled Groups. On the left of the screen, the list of groups that a player is currently in is listed, along with a button above the list titled "Create New.". Players may then type the name of their group into the given box, save the information, pay 100 ROBUX, and the group is created.

Group size 

On ROBLOX, The size of a group is determined by the number of members it has. These are the ten largest groups:

information accurate as of 2/10/16 (2nd of October 2016)
Group Name Member Count Public
ROBLOX High School: Fan Club 1,087,884 yes
High School Life Fans 410,087 yes
The Roblox Assault


203,495 yes
Roblox 191,061 yes
EthanGamerTV Fans 178,215 yes
berezaa Games 175,120 yes
Vortex Security 136,024 yes
Kirito Fan Challenges! 122,211 yes
[USA] The United States of America. 118,159 yes
Team Domino 115,920 yes


Several types of groups exist on ROBLOX. There are also more not listed.

War Groups 

Main article: War Groups

One of the most controversial categories of groups and the largest type of ROBLOX Groups, these groups model modern military corporations or Empires. Some examples of famous war groups are The Roblox Assault Team and the United Clan of Roblox. A majority of the super-clans, as well as most groups in existence, are made up of war groups. These groups participate in wars against one other, as well as form alliances. These groups have mandated uniforms for their members to wear, promote them to higher ranks through training sessions, and have special divisions in most cases.

War groups existed as early as when weapon tools came out, around 2006. The first War group using the Groups feature was likely the original X101st Legion group (gid=13).

Along with the features listed above, most war groups have a game-slot dedicated as the main base or headquarters for the group. The purpose of these bases is for players to get to know each other better, as well as ward off oncoming raiders. These bases often contain capture points, offices and other buildings for the group which are contain within a walled compound, as well as raycast guns and other technologies. 

These groups are often controversial due to forcing users to live by their standards, lest risk exile. Other users find war groups 'too serious' with their fighting, due to most wars between groups begin to involve admin abuse, hacking, and unfairness to the raiding group in defending bases.

Some go to an extent where they force non-war groups to follow their standards, or they would be threatened to be 'hacked'.

Building Groups 

These groups are often united by building skills. Unlike war groups, building groups are often friendly with one another, and try to share ideas or help each other out whenever possible. These groups also educate others on how to build and script. Many users join these groups to learn the skills previously mentioned, as well as make friends. Some building groups act as a fan club of a development team's work.

Examples of well-known building groups include Innovation Inc and Pinewood Builders , the largest and 2nd largest building groups respectively.

Fan Clubs 

Fan clubs are groups which have fans for a specific fandom. Discussions within Fan club groups get controversial when a 'hater' of the fandom starts an argument.

Controversial discussions are common in fan clubs of hated users, My Little Pony fan clubs, Religion-based fan clubs, and Politics-based fan clubs.

Forum Groups 

Forum groups are common, such as those used by trolls, like the C&G Council, or ROBLOX Talk.

City Groups 

City Groups are created for roleplay Cities. Often times these are headed by a mayor and may be focused on a particular demographic such as law enforcement in the case of Moab ran by the TRC or for rail fans and train spotters in the case of Freeport depending on the creator's preferences.

Shopping/Community Place Groups 

Some groups are linked towards a specific community place where many Robloxians do social activities or shop. These include clothing, food and drink making groups. Kestrel ® is a group which is like this.

Country-Clan Groups 

Not to be confused with war groups, these are also war groups, however, they also build cities along with their bases to simulate a "virtual country". A well-known country-clan group is "[USA] United States of America", which is also the 6th largest group on ROBLOX. 

Some Country-Clan groups own group subsidiaries. These are, but not limited to: Cabinet groups (eg. Department of Defense), Airline groups, City groups, and Food/Coffee groups.

Roleplay Groups 

Roleplay groups are groups made for roleplaying in whatever theme and setting. These groups often have problems with people who do not play by their theme and settings, similarly to roleplay places.

Magazine Groups 

Magazine groups make magazine tools that builders can insert in their place. These magazines have topics regarding ROBLOX events, gear and place reviews, and interviews with other players. A known magazine group is RoGo.

Trading Groups 

Tradings groups are where people  talk and trade in the commentary section of the group. Such groups might host a trade event or have personal servers dedicated to tradings. A notable trading group is Trade.

Airline Groups 

Airline groups are similar to roleplay groups. They hold flights at airport places, where passengers will board, the plane takes off, and lands at another airport. Airline groups existed as early as 2006, Airlines with flyable planes began in 2007–2008, and the first airlines using the Groups feature were in late 2009. 

Most of the aircraft used by airlines are powered by Crazyman32's Plane Kit, and some users have contributed aircraft for public use, while some sell them at certain prices.

Airline groups are controversial with War groups due to some people of the War group community making fun of them with terrorism jokes (eg. 9/11) and airline food jokes.

There are at least 10,000 airline groups in existence, even though only a few are regularly active. Some ROBLOX users, such as well-known user JuliusPGKC (and owner of Fly PH, an airline based out of the Philippines and usually flies from Toronto) post videos of flights made by various airlines on YouTube, including his own airlines.

Example of Known Airline Group:

  • Lemonde Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • JetEire
  • Flydoha (Shutdown)
  • Centair
  • Extrance Corporation
  • easyJet (shut down)
  • Anesi Airlines
  • Hayabusa Airlines
  • IranAir
  • Fly PH (heavily featured on YouTube)
  • Air Attica

Cruise Ship Groups 

Cruise Ship Groups are similar to Airline groups. They hold shore excursions at ports of call, and passengers who want to travel have to pass through a cruise terminal to board the ship. In some groups, the cruise ship is moving from port to port, while in other groups, the port is deleted or added to simulate arrivals and departures, respectively.

Example of Known Cruise Ship Group:

  • BloxCruises
  • Compagnie Générale Transatlantique
  • 2GO

Public Transportation Groups 

Another type of transport group are public transportation groups. These groups are usually based on their respective agencies and may require you to get trained to operate vehicles. These groups may run buses, trams, subway trains or rail services, depending on the group. Some groups have over 1000 members, but most of these groups are pretty small. Some groups may allow operations at any time (when a driver is in the place, etc.), while others will have set times when a place is open. Most public transport group places are usually closed or made inactive when not in use. In a few cases, some group places remain open 24 hours a day, especially if group members do not need training to operate a vehicle.

Some groups have closed since the owner no longer has an interest in maintaining the group if there an issue in the group, or the owner has left ROBLOX. Others have closed due to takeover from other agencies. In these cases, some owners have exiled their entire group and abandoned it, while others put up notices on their group shout.

Some transport groups try to "mock" other groups as well. In the past, some Tobes Transportation Authority places were copied by other players, which were used to operate their own groups, such as an uncopylocked game of their Line 101 place. Free models of Tobes Transportation Authority models are also known to exist, namely their light rail vehicles and some subway cars as well as buses, and can be found in operation on "bootleg" groups and in the library. Sometimes, other groups can be sanctioned, or members in a specific group cannot join another group.

Examples of Active Public Transport Groups:

  • 10 Transit Commission
  • Toronto Transit Commission
  • Tobes Transportation Authority
  • Travel Coventry
  • Apple Rail
  • New Jersey Transit (bus division)
  • MTA New York City Transit

Examples of Former/Retired Public Transport Groups:

  • Compass Travel (owner quit)
  • Arriva North West
  • Go Ahead London
  • First Group PLC
  • Kieron Treacher Travel
  • TGM Group

Sports Groups 

Sports groups hold events at large sport stadium places, where two teams will play against each other. What game they play varies. This includes Basketball, American football, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, and other kinds of sports.

Protest Groups 

One of the most controversial types of groups. These groups are usually made by users protesting updates or certain things, like controversial users, or controversial updates. Usually, these groups get deleted by moderators since it's against the rules. (eg. Price Floor, BC-Only features)

Food/Coffee Groups 

These types of groups are roleplayers. They come to their Food or Coffee places to have fun or relax, sometimes roleplay. This turned from a subtle fad to a huge genre. Groups of this genre include Chicken Express which is the first success of chicken selling treats to ROBLOX.

Pro/Anti Guests Groups 

Pro and Anti Guest Groups are Groups for protest that say whether they support Newbies or Guests, or hate them and want to eliminate them all. The largest of these groups is about 1000 members and supports Guests and Newbies.

Fashion Groups 

Similar to Magazine groups. They build runways and have fashion shows. They may also have a magazine based on style and beauty. They are quite popular and are hated by war groups mainly. If they use the forums to post their guides and leave the thread unlocked, forumers will often make fun of them.


There are many features in the group system on ROBLOX. You can create a variety of ranks (maximum of 18 ranks allowed in a group), make a member leave your group, add clothes, models, meshes and decals to your group store, do messages for all members to hear (shouts), have a group chat, being able to add allies, and you can control the power a specific rank is given. You can also oversee every action in your group in the Audit Log. For 500 ROBUX, you could also create a clan in a group for your group to earn points from games that give points.

Another option when setting up groups is to require entry approval. A group admin has to approve the player in order for him/her to enter the group. On the applicant's screen, this will show as "join pending". However, most groups do not have this set up to welcome new members, as once an applicant clicks "join" he or she will automatically be in the group. The applicant will enter the lowest rank, and can

(Take note the true meaning of clan refers to a team in a multiplayer game) 

Advertising groups

This feature that allows you to advertise your group was released on February 3, 2011. You can now make an ad that leads directly to your group.

Creators of groups can also turn on and off the option to give any rank in the group the right to advertise the group freely in the Group Admin location. With the new Group Funds feature, group owners are now able to use the ROBUX credit in the group store to advertise their group.

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