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A Guest is a special user that can access ROBLOX games which aren't Builders Club only or paid access, and most website content without signing up for an account.


If a player joins a game but does not register or sign in, they are labeled as a guest by default. The guest's avatar is a placeholder for players interested in a game and want to play it before entering their credentials. The placeholders are BillyBloxxer, BettyBloxxer and DefaultGuest.


BillyBloxxer, BettyBloxxer and DefaultGuest are ROBLOX guest templates. Joining in-game as a guest will load one of their character appearances.

BillyBloxxer and BettyBloxxer have very similar appearances to ROBLOX. Their only difference is that BillyBloxxer wear the Red ROBLOX Cap, while BettyBloxxer wears the Pinktastic Hair. DefaultGuest doesn't have hat, shirt and has grey torso.


There are groups made by users that praise guests (example), and sympathize with them, as they are viewed negatively throughout most of the ROBLOX community. Some users believe that other players use the guest feature to scam or ruin other players places, commonly known as trolling, and use the guest utility to bypass bans, because guests cannot be banned from the game.

As many guests are users unaware of the "unofficial rules" of ROBLOX, they tend to use gears that are considered annoying by some users. This explains the reason why many guests perform actions considered rude in many games, such as spawnkilling, killing their own team members, and destroying other users creations in free building games.

Also, guests cannot see chat or say anything themselves, because the chat bar is not able to be used as a guest. Because of this, guests will not be able to see other players trying to stop them, and will continue. Some players call guests lazy for not creating an account, as guests are still required to install the required software in order to play any games. Admins have stated that guests will never be removed from ROBLOX.



With the addition of new updates, both new users and guests can pick a gender for their character. If as guest you will choose boy, you will be a default guest, but as a girl, you will get pink hair.


  • Guests are known as The True Testers of ROBLOX by the administrators.
  • There was a guest talk script in some games, which allowed a guest to chat. The script is currently broken.
  • Guests used to respond players using the proper Super Safe Chat words. Now, they can't as that feature has been removed.
  • During a short time, an update was released that introduced a bug in which an user does not receive a knockout point for killing a guest, unlike the normal addition of one point for every player defeated.
  • All guests used to look completely identical to ROBLOX. Guests were also able to join Builder's Club games. Now, guests are not linked to the ROBLOX account and are linked to BillyBloxxer, BettyBloxxer and DefaultGuest.
  • Many users create fake guest accounts (example: Guest123) and dress like guests. However, many people can identify if they are a guest or not, because users cannot leave spaces in their username and all guests have 1-4 numbers in their username.
  • Guests cannot buy items or gear from the Catalog.
  • Guests wear one hat as a male, and the Pinktastic Hair for a female.
  • Guests used to wear a straw hat.
  • When you hover the mouse over a guest image when seeing game servers, a text will appear saying "A Friendly Guest"
  • Cookie Editors are able to change a guest number by changing the UserID in GuestData.
  • ROBLOX's user looks exactly like a male guest, but he doesn't use a hat.
  • Users may not be friendly to a guest but if you be friendly to them, maybe they will become a user.
  • When a guest checks his/her account age, it says his/her age is 0.
  • ROBLOX stores a cookie on the user's computer that keeps that ID. It means that ROBLOX does not have to create so many IDs.
  • A guest cannot access purchasable content in-game, as they are assigned a randomly generated ID.
  • Guests are typically seen in a negative light by the community, as they cannot chat with other users.
  • It is possible for scripts to ban all guests from a game. This violates the terms and conditions, because it makes guests believe that ROBLOX is a bugged game.


Guests used to have a function called Safechat, a chatting menu with key words used to talk to other people, including guests, but this feature was removed, so guests can no longer talk unless they create an account on ROBLOX. In the end of 2014, guests have been reported to chat normally. This has since been patched.

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