Getting Started

First, let's open up ROBLOX Studio. If you don't know how to, go to the Starter Menu>All Programs>ROBLOX>ROBLOX Studio. Then create a new place or edit an existing one. Here's a good time to explain the tools you'll need to make a Gui.

  • StarterGui: Holds the ScreenGui
  • ScreenGui: Holds the Frame
  • Frame: A great item used to orginaize other Gui items
  • TextBox: A GUI that you can type in while playing the game
  • TextLabel: A GUI with perminent text
  • TextButton: A clickable GUI with perminent text
  • ImageLabel: A GUI with a picture
  • ImageButton: A clickable GUI with a picture

Now for a look at the Properties.

TextButton, TextLabel, TextBox:

Active true/false
AutoButtonColor3 true/false
BackgroundColor3 Color
BackroundTransparency 0 - 1
BorderColor3 Color
BorderSizePixel 1/0
Name Letters
Position {ScX, OfX}, {ScY, OfY}
Size {ScX, OfX}, {ScY, OfY}
Text Letters
TextColor3 Color
TextTransparency 0-1
TextXAlignment Left/Center/Right
TextYAlignment Top/Center/Bottom
Visible true/false

Notice: ImageLabel and ImageButton have the same properties except for Image.

Let's create the Guis.

First select the StarterGui in Explorer, and go to Insert>Object>ScreenGui. Name it "ResetGui". Now select ResetGui and go to Insert>Object>Frame. Finally, select Frame and go to Insert>Object>TextButton.

Size and Position

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