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Silly Guitar

Example of a guitar.

A guitar is an object used in ROBLOX players use just like a real-life guitar. Black notes float whenever players play.

List of guitars

Mariachi: ROBUX300

Ra'k: ROBUX400

Red Strattobloxxer: ROBUX500

Gridiron: ROBUX500

Ninja: ROBUX500

Jungle: ROBUX500

Spooky: ROBUX1,000

Electric Blue: ROBUX2,000

Rock It: ROBUX2,001

4-String Roblocaster Premiere: Limited, was originally ROBUX5,000.

Face Melting: ROBUX325

Light Face Melting: LimitedU, was originally ROBUX300.

Shamrockin': Not available.

ROBLOX World Tour Lightning: Limited, no longer available.

Famous Bloxstar: Not available.

Cool Punk Kid: Not available.

Rockin' Pink: ROBUX500

Red Rock Star: ROBUX500

United States of Rock: Not available.

Smashing: ROBUX600

Cocoa: No longer available, was originally free during the Post, Create and Play event.

Rotten Rocky's: Not available.

Rock Thunder: ROBUX500

Rockin' Axe: Not available.

Metal Guitar of Awesomeness: Not available.


  • If a player plays Ro-Fortress 2, there is a glitch if he/she brings the Gridiron Guitar: if he/she strums notes they will strangly be glitched as they float down instead of up. This only works in if he/she is Heavy, Medic or Pyro. Sometimes, it will not work.

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