Heavy Assault Unit (H.A.U) is a ROBLOX group created in 2011 as an airforce group. Recognized as a superclan, it is one of the 100 largest clans on ROBLOX, and one of the top 500 largest groups (including non-war groups) on ROBLOX.

At the time of its inception, H.A.U grew in size and strength. However, after its original owner left, H.A.U went into inactivity for a long period of time, with the group being sold to new owners at a weekly frequency. This would halt in November 2012, when practice purchased the group. H.A.U would go from an air-force based clan to a sword-fighting based clan. The group steadily grew from around four thousand members to more than six thousand by the end of his first tenure as Chancellor. The second-in-command at the time, Bomatic, would take over as Chancellor for a few short weeks.

Practice would return as Chancellor after Bomatic's resignation and would be forced to step down a few short days later. sloppycanada, the second-in-command during Bomatic's reign, would step in.

sloppycanada (now lurking on sloppy_canada) was hated on C&G within seconds of obtaining ownership on H.A.U. Everyone knew of sloppycanada's outstanding high-rank capabilities, as he was, in fact, one of the most recognized names in the clan world from 2010-2013, however, he had led some clans with disappointing results. This time he promised change, and he brought change. This era was declared as the 'golden era'. sloppycanada acquired immense wealth and grew the group from 6 thousand to over twenty-six thousand members within a month time span and the clan was also at its peak of activity. sloppycanada trained this era to be rather elite and made H.A.U. known for its sword-fighting capabilities as it had only lost two defenses, both to VAK, and never losing a war. During this era H.A.U. took on a coalition of clans totaling over three times its size and still winning the war against nine clans at once, also H.A.U. defeated Black Wolf Empire in March 2013. Sadly, during May to June sloppycanada was overwhelmed with real life issues and let the clan tremble in weakness before finally giving up ownership to Bidoof77 in an attempt to restore activity.

Bidoof77 (now a Great Admiral in the Roblox Assault Team) would be the next Chancellor. Having been a part of a group of former members and high ranks fighting for months to give ownership back to Practice, he was able to take ownership away from sloppycanada. Bidoof77 would give ownership of the group back to Practice.

Practice would stay as Chancellor from May 2013 to November 2013. The group would experience it's peak in many areas, along with a membership growth of twenty-six thousand to thirty-one thousand. The clan, however, would be viewed as the top sword-fighting clan during his tenure, with victories against many top sword-fighting clans. The summer would be capped off with a victory against John's Cobras in July 2013. The victory against Black Wolf Empire in November 2013 would be Practice's last war. As Chancellor, the clan would experience few war losses.

Bidoof77 would take over for the retiring Practice, with his tenure filled with highs and lows. To end 2013, the clan was still at great strength. The group's activity and membership count would start to curtail off to begin 2014, and he would attempt to shut down the group in May 2014. Practice would return for a short time and attempt to become Chancellor again to 'revive' the group, but Bidoof77 would sell the group to WereWolf7 instead.

WereWolf7's tenure would last from May 2014 to December 2014. The clan would hit rock bottom under his tenure. Many wars would be lost, and activity would hit an all-time low. The membership count would rise from thirty-five thousand to fifty thousand, but the activity would steadily drop as the war losses piled up. WereWolf7 would be terminated in July 2014 due to credit card fraud. He would later re-claim ownership as Rainway. His activity as Chancellor would drop, with his account being terminated once more in November 2014 due to credit card fraud. H.A.U would be moved to a group holder account (an account dedicated to only holding a group) after his termination, with him claiming ownership on that account. With many embarrassing defeats and being known as possibly the worst Chancellor in the history of the group, he would step down in December 2014.

From December 2014 to December 2015, AdminMe56 would be the Chancellor of H.A.U. The group would still be owned by Rainway. The group would participate in little wars and have almost no activity during AdminMe56's tenure.

From December 2015 to June 2016, Rainway would attempt to return as Chancellor. His return would ultimately fail, with little activity and a huge decline in member count. The member count would decline from its peak of fifty-five thousand to forty-nine thousand. The group would be viewed as 'dead' from January 2016 onwards.

Since June 2016, the position of Chancellor has been unknown. The group is still owned by Rainway, but since January 2016 the group has been largely viewed as dead and only held on by him as a 'trophy' of what he has often claimed as his 'best leadership tenure of any clan' despite the many failures and all-time lows the clan would hit.

As of currently, the chancellor of the group is alertcoderf.