Heads are items in the catalog that change the initial shape of a ROBLOXian's head.

On January 16, 2017, all heads, except Roundy, Trim and Blockhead, have been removed and taken off sale. They are still wearable and are kept in the inventory, but future heads cannot be bought. Although, 3 new heads were released, as the rest of the heads went off sale, and those 3 heads are currently on sale.

Types of heads


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  • Heads aren't worn by most ROBLOXians due to them not going great with other hats.
  • Heads seemed to get more expensive as newer ones rolled out. Blockhead, the least updated head, was free while Perfection, the most recently updated, is 2000 ROBUX.
  • The majority of heads were released on December 17, 2008, with the exceptions of "Fat Head", "Peabrain", and "Diamond", which were released February 27, 2009.
  • Only 16 different heads were released, in which none were Limited or LimitedU. It took a long period of time before many of the heads hit 100,000 sales.
  • After the release of "Man" and "Woman", the sale of heads started increasing and became more popular on the market.
  • Much of the community doubts that any more heads will be developed in the future.
  • All heads, excluding the three free heads & 3 new heads, are all offsale as of 1/16/17.
  • Due to the unpopularity of the original heads back in 2008-2009; Roblox stopped making separate heads for a while until January 2017, when they started making separate heads again that are all suited to be able to wear hats on them.

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