Hilton Hotels is the largest hotel group on Roblox. It was founded by babymariobebe and Beartikal. Hilton Hotels has around 600,000+ members, making it the largest hotel group on Roblox. Ranks can be found here.

Hilton was founded on March 13, 2016, by babymariobebe and Beartikal. Its current motto is "Travel should take you places". The current owner is babymariobebe. Hilton Hotels™ has many allies and actively evaluates its existing allies, as well as possibly monitoring opportunities to add more. Hilton continues to grow at a rapid pace, with roughly a gain of 700-1000 members per day. Due to this, it is the 2017 Bloxy winner for Best Social Group.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a real-life hotel chain, which also includes Homewood Suites, Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn in real life.

Locations on Roblox can be found on the website. If you are not in the group, you may be able to stay at a location as a hotel guest.

Hilton Hotels Under Review

Around late January to early February, the game Hilton Hotels owned has been put Under Review. It is currently unknown why it was put under review, but many speculate it was either safe chat filtering issues or botting.

Now Hilton Hotels has created Hilton Hotels V5, training center V3.


Hilton Hotels has different games. The application centre, training centre, interview, complaint centre, and just the overall hotel. We also use Trello to keep you on task about training and more! The application center is only open on Saturday due to an overflow of applications.

There have been some bad situations involving the group or involving another ROBLOX YouTuber.

MangoTheRedPanda incident

Mango v Hilton Hotels - 1

One of the screenshots shown against MangoTheRedPanda.

Mango v Hilton Hotels - 2

Another screenshot shown against MangoTheRedPanda.

A famous Roblox YouTuber called Mythical Mango, also known as MangoTheRedPanda, was suspended and fired from her job as Shift Manager. A thread was made by one of the boards of directors, Cytoxin, explaining the situation. Cytoxin explained that MangoTheRedPanda has insulted Reindeer (Reindxxr) and fired all the MRs (Middle Ranks). Cytoxin also claimed that Mango wanted to create a plot with a YouTuber named greenlegocats123, also known as CowCow, to destroy Hilton Hotels for good and that she wanted to get rid of the people who have driven this company to success this past year. An anonymous worker realized what had been happening, and exposed her to the evidence seen in the pictures. As a quote from the thread:

"Mango was not fired for "having an opinion" or "speaking her mind" -- we simply fired her because she plotted to undermine Hilton Hotel's; which is despicable and unacceptable."

MangoTheRedPanda, over at her channel called Mythical Mango, clarified that she did make the insult, but it was because she was being insulted by Reindxxr. In addition, she hasn't affected the Hilton Hotel group and only her own group called Poison. She explained that the people that she fired from Poison couldn't be trusted anymore, and the information was leaked to the Hilton Hotels group. She also clarified that she did say she was going to do a troll with greenlegocats..

Meanwhile, CowCow said that he was dragged into the situation for no reason and all because MangoTheRedPanda mentioned him. However, he explained (as a quote):

"She was fired yesterday but the only time we talked about this situation was [at February 1, 2017], so clearly the "plot" between Mango and I that they are referring to in this forum post is made up by Hilton."

A huge part of the community, mostly from the YouTuber's fanbases, went to the side with the Roblox YouTubers, however a lot of people not part of their fanbases a sided with the group.

Hilton Hotels V5

In the middle of summer of 2017, Hilton Hotels released V5. In this version, the hotel became a darker colour, more gold instead of white. Before people had to go to the cafe to get a soda, now they can get as much soda as they want. The other activities became its own floor. Now visitors were forced to use the elevator; the stairs were no longer an option.

Hilton Hotels V6

In the summer of 2018, it was announced that V6 would be released as a new version for Hilton Hotels.

It’s release date is currently unknown but there has been several delays to the project due to developers needing time to work on it.