Hilton Hotels™ is the largest hotel group on ROBLOX. It was founded by babymariobebe and mamapeachprincess. Hilton Hotels™ has around 250,000 members, making it the largest hotel group on ROBLOX.

Hilton was founded on March 13, 2016, by babymariobebe and Beartikal. Its current motto is "Travel should take you places". The current owner is babymariobebe. Hilton Hotels™ has many allies and actively evaluates its existing allies, as well as possibly monitoring opportunities to add more. Hilton continues to grow at a rapid pace, with roughly a gain of 700-1000 members per day.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a real-life hotel chain, which also includes Homewood Suites, Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn in real life.

Locations on ROBLOX can be found on the ROBLOX website. If you are not in the group, you may be able to stay at a location as a hotel guest.

Hilton Hotels Under Review

Recently (around late January to early February), the game Hilton Hotels owned has been put Under Review. It is currently unknown why it was put under review, but many speculate it was either safe chat filtering issues or botting.

Jobs and Ranks

1 | Hotel Guest

This is the first rank you get in Hilton Hotels™. Hotel Guests can be promoted by attending an interview or going to the Application Center that is opened every Saturday. The application center is only opened on Saturday. Next attend a training. More information on training in the 3 | Awaiting Center section.

H | Honor Member

Honor members are only chosen by the Chairmen and the Vice Chairmen. This are exclusive members that has access to the VIP lounge and suites in-game. These members are treated exclusively by staffs.

2 | Suspended

The players with this rank are suspended from any Role or Job for a set amount of time. This is not considered a Staff Rank.

3 | Awaiting Training

This rank is given to those whose application was received and the application was accepted. You just need to attend a training session to become staff of the hotel.

4 | Housekeeping

As a Housekeeping, you are going to go around the hotel and Clean the Floors and make sure the hotel is Tidy & Clean. To get a Vacuum click on the Vacuum. Now to clean just hold out the tool and act like you are cleaning the Floors. Be sure to also go to rooms upstairs and go room by room and flush the toilet if it is used and shut off the Water if it is in use by nobody.

5 | Bartender

As a Bartender, you are going to serve the Guest with the Food & Drinks they desire. To get a drink you are going to click on the Cup and hold a cup under one of the fountain drinks. To get food you just simply click on the desired food. Once you have all the food you use the Hand-To tool and give the person the Food.

6 | Security

As a Security, you are going to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and protect the game from Rioting and Haters. Also be sure to follow these rule to know about abuse and Guidelines. If a Higher rank tells you to do something you must follow their orders.

7 | Receptionist

As a Receptionist, you are going to be handing out rooms to others. You will answer the phone also about complaints from Guest or comments. The Gold Lane is the Fast lane you must serve these Guest first. The White lane is the Suite lane you will be handing these people suites. The other 2 blue lanes are STANDARD ROOMS. If someone asks for a Suite in a lane other than the White lane DO NOT Hand them a Suite. Also, if someone asks for a normal room in the suite lane DO NOT hand them a normal room.

8 | Head of Security


This is the Head of Security, you are to instruct Security what to do and be on the lookout for anything suspicious and to stop Trollers. This rank is given to Hardworking Security and must be a Trusted Staff.

9 | Head of Services


This is the Head of Services, you are to instruct Bartender what to do and be giving food and drinks to our guest.

10 | Head Receptionist


This is the Head of Reception, you are to instruct Receptionists what to do and be handing out rooms to our lovely guests.

11 | Management


This rank is only earned with hard work, activity, and dedication. As a Manager you are to direct everybody and make sure everybody is on task and productive. You are also expected to do any jobs not being done, such as: Reception, Bar, Housekeeping, etc.

12 | Senior Management


This rank is only earned with extreme activity, no signs of Abuse, and dedication. As a Senior Manager you are to direct everybody and make sure everybody is on task and productive. You are also expected to do any jobs not being done, such as:Reception, Bar, Housekeeping, etc. You are to also check on any Abusing Staff and report them ASAP.

Senior Management has 2 additional responsibilities:

1) Applications: Senior managemt can review applications in the application board. They will review applications when the application centre opens on Saturday and they will send it to the passed or failed list. Those in the passed list will be ranked by a HR. They should get active on the weekend.

2) Senior Management will also be giving MOD in the MTI Center. We have a training schedule. Please attend the sessions to co-host or host it if the HR is not available. If the HR is not there to rank, please pm the names of the people that were trained with the rank they trained for to the HR who was hosting that session. Do not miss-spell any names, or it will be impossible for the HR to find them and rank them.

13 | Builder/GFX


This rank is usually reserved for developers/contractors who provide their expertise or help develop the hotel alongside the main project managers (baby and beartikal). This rank used to be Dev Assistant but was replaced right before V5 was released to the public.

14 | Shift Manager


This rank is given to the best of staff, both productive and on-task each and every day at Hilton Hotels. SM's are expected to make sure each and every staff member are working their job, give warnings, reviews applications, host training, etc.

15 | General Manager


This rank is given to SM's who have done a great job at Hilton. Reviews applications, host training accurately, have great grammar, and know how to react to almost any situation.

16 | Board of Director


This rank is given to GM's who have done a excellent job at Hilton. GM's who host training almost every day and come to the hotel on a daily basis. These staff have stunning grammar and great responsibility. This rank takes time, patience, and confidence to get. This is the highest rank to achieve.

17 | Vice Chairman

This rank is reserved for mamapeachprincess, the current Vice Chairman of Hilton Hotels.

18 | Chairman

This rank is reserved for Babymariobebe, the current Chairman of Hilton Hotels.

Hilton Hotels™ Extras

Hilton Hotels™ has different games. The application center, training center, interview, compliant center, and just the overall hotel. We also use Trello to keep you on task about trainings and more!

Hilton Hotels | V4:

Hilton Hotels' Training Center:

Hilton Hotels' Compliant Center:

Hilton Hotels' Interview Center:

Hilton Hotels' Application Center:

Hilton Hotels' Trello:


There have been some bad situations involving the group, or involving another ROBLOX YouTuber.

MangoTheRedPanda vs Hilton Hotels™

Mango v Hilton Hotels - 1

One of the screenshots shown against MangoTheRedPanda.

Mango v Hilton Hotels - 2

Another screenshot shown against MangoTheRedPanda.

An famous ROBLOX YouTuber called Mythical Mango, also known as MangoTheRedPanda, was suspended and fired from her job as Shift Manager. A thread was made by one of the board of directors, Cytoxin, explaining the situation. Cytoxin explained that MangoTheRedPanda has insulted Reindeer (Reindxxr) and fired all the MRs (Middle Ranks). Cytoxin also claimed that Mango wanted to create a plot with CowCowManThingIt to destroy Hilton Hotels for good, and that she wanted to get rid of the people who driven this company to success this past year. As a quote from the thread:

"Mango was not fired for "having an opinion" or "speaking her mind" -- we simply fired her because she plotted to undermine Hilton Hotel's; which is despicable and unacceptable."

MangoTheRedPanda, over at her channel called Mythical Mango, explained the situation in a video. She clarified that she did make the insult, but it was because she was being insulted by Reindxxr. In addition, she hasn't affected the Hilton Hotel group and only her own group called Poison. She explained that the people that she fired from Poison couldn't be trusted anymore, and the information was leaked to the Hilton Hotels group. She also clarified that she did say she was going to do a troll with CowCow.

Meanwhile, CowCowManThingIt, over at his channel called greenlegocats123, explained that he was dragged into the situation for no reason and all because MangoTheRedPanda mentioned him. However, he explained (as a quote):

"She was fired yesterday but the only time we talked about this situation was [at February 1, 2017], so clearly the "plot" between Mango and I that they are referring to in this forum post is made up by Hilton."

A huge part of the community went to side with the ROBLOX YouTubers, but a majority of workers working at Hilton Hotel sided with their own group.


Hilton Hotels - Possible Bots

Possible bots joining the group.

On February 2, 2017, a video was uploaded on the channel greenlegocats123. The video made the accusation that Hilton Hotels were botting, and that their motive was to either reach 100,000 members or to gain popularity over the MangoTheRedPanda vs Hilton Hotels situation. As evidence, greenlegocats123 pointed out that the accounts were made recently, the accounts claimed as bots looked similar, and the accounts who recently joined the group had similar names (color, name of an animal, and string of numbers). The video also explains that it may be possible Hilton Hotels was taken down because of botting.

However, a tweet from the Hilton Hotels on Twitter explained that they are aware of the situation and are working to kick the bots out of the group. The tweet also claimed that they weren't the ones producing the bots. Once Hilton removed the bots, greenlegocats123 took down the video about Hilton creating bots.

Also, HRs have been leaving Hilton. We don't know why.

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