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Over the 7 years that ROBLOX has been around, it has quite a large history.


David Bazsucki

1963: David Baszucki was born.

1963: David Baszucki was born.

1990s: ROBLOX was thought up of as a game. However, since there was a lack of technology to hold a 3-D multiplayer game on the internet at that time, it was not made.



June 30th: ROBLOX's first user named Admin joins ROBLOX. He was banned and was moved to ID 18, most likely to see if the bans worked or not.

September: ROBLOX was in Alpha mode.


February 11th: ROBLOX's very early alpha ends

May 22nd: ROBLOX (the user) joins ROBLOX.

June 24th: ROBLOX is re-released to the public. Unlike ROBLOX's games, they had minigames, which you can earn points from.


Mid-2006: Games go multi-player.

June 21st: Telamon joins ROBLOX.

December 2006

December 1st: Crossroads is released.

December 8th: The ROBLOX Blog is created. The first posts starts with a line from the Chronicles of Roblox.

December 11th: ROBLOX reaches 10,000 members.

December 21st: Santa's Winter Stronghold is revealed.

December 22nd: Badges first appear.


January 2007

January 8th: 44 ROBLOXians have the Bloxxer Badge.

January 9th: On this day, many things are revealed. It includes the Admin Badge, and PM history and notifications. But the most famous update was the animations that made ROBLOXians look like they were walking.

January 12th: You could now color your body to different colors, and wear T-Shirts.

January 17th: The Homestead Furniture Making Contest starts, making it the first contest.

January 20th: The first and original Happy Home in Robloxia, is made.

January 26th: Teams are tested, but not released

January 31st: Ever went to a game before the 31st and had a spammer, or flamer? Well, on the 31st, they added the Report Abuse option.

February 2007

February 5th: The Official ROBLOX Wiki is made.

February 16th: The Update Bomb happens. It brings Tools, Teams, made the website faster, and bugs are fixed.

February 17th: The Copylock feature is made.

March 2007

March 8th: 7 ideas for customization were thought of. Hair, Body Parts, hats and helmets, gestures, faces, shirts, and backpacks. All of those were made in the future.

March 27th: More updates. Supersafe Chat, Image Mods, custom skyboxes, and a new profile page.

April 2007

April 1st: An April Fools joke happens, where ROBLOX was bought by Google and was going to be turned into Gooblox. Later, Telamon bought, which redirects to ROBLOX.

April 12th: Builders Club, Swords, Paintball guns, and new skyboxes appear.

May 2007

May 1st: More updates, again! Spawns, bugs fixed, a max Player cap, a really really early beta of servers, and places now have their own pages.

May 3rd: Hair is tested, but fails. It will reappear.

May 14th: ROBUX is made, replacing "ROBLOX Points" as the previous currency.

May 21st: The wealthiest ROBLOXian (With ROBUX) is miked, with 3,246 ROBUX.

May 23rd: Hats are shown in a sneak peek.

May 30th: Hats are added to ROBLOX. Also, Clockwork joins the admins.

June 2007

June 2nd-13th: The Domino Contest is held. The most famous winner of the contest was Fleskhjerta, by a YouTube video.

June 13th: Wookong joins the ROBLOX team. Also, FFJosh, MrDoomBringer, Gamer3D, Cruss Kilderstohe and Miked help the team.

June 14th: ROBLOX hits 30,000 members, and Bspurrell suggests the Veteran Badge, which was made on that day.

June 18th: ROBLOX now has 410,687 ROBUX in circulation.

June 29th: On this day, onward, there were IP Bans, and you could now sell shirts, play CTF, use RocketPropulsion objects, and experience less bugs.

July 2007

July 23rd: ROBLOX hits 40,000 members. Interesting fact: If ROBLOXia were a real country, it would rank 207th in population out of 226 countries that appear in the CIA World Factbook (Including ROBLOXia) Not bad for an online game. Once it had a million players, it would be ranked 157 out of the 226 countries. And when it had 10 million, it would be ranked 82 out of 226. So far, it has over 17,000,000 users, which would make ROBLOX 60 or 59 out of 226.

August 2007

August 2nd: Tickets are made.

August 16th: BC is released for everyone.

August 20th: ROBLOX hits 50,000 members.

September 2007

September 4th: ReeseMcBlox joins the ROBLOX team.

September 13th: Mrs. X interviews Builderman. It is learned from the Blog Entry that he was 44 that day, went to Stanford, and has 3 kids.

October 2007

October 9th: MacgeekPro and EXO tour ROBLOX Headquarters, and give mods some ideas which would take 49 weeks to do. See The Next 25 Weeks Blog Post

October 30th: Bevels, a search bar for the catalog, and comments are released.

November 2007

November 3rd: The first ROBLOX Review is published.

November 5th:The ROBLOX Wikia was made.

November 13th: A cave caves in, and Wookong almost died.

November 14th: HolyMAC, JacobXXduel, Rombom, Sirloin and Koopa join the ROBLOX team. Also, ROBLOX has better graphics.

November 17th: ROBLOX T-shirts (and goodies) are for sale.

December 2007

All of December: Several winter wonderland parades happen across the month.

Unknown Date in 2007

Forcefields now possible on ROBLOX.


January 2008

All January: Builderman Place Design contest takes place!

January 11th: Anaminus and Gamer3D join the team.

January 16th: Image Modding is released

February 2008

February 8th: Many bugs are fixed

February 24th: ROBLOX now uses Paypal to buy BC.

The last ROBLOX Review is published.

March 2008

All March: The Egg Hunt 2008 takes place. March 6th: Password recovery is added, and undo works more properly.

April 2008

April 2nd: A HUGE update happens. The updates are:

  • Places and Models now appear in your “My Stuff” page and in the Catalog
  • Comments on places
  • Optional email address verification
  • Sparkles
  • ClickDetector
  • Physics engine speedups
  • Reduced crashes

April 9th: The Spring Block Party happens.

April 24th: A big update happens. The updates are:

  • Full-body shirts and pants
  • New character creation page
  • Favorites for places, models, clothing
  • New lighting model & specular highlights on meshes
  • Enhanced moderation system
  • New Place page allows commentary
  • ROBLOX news feed on front page
  • More robust installer

May 2008

May 14th: Decals are added.

June 2008

Nothing really notable happened, except for a few contests.

July 2008

Same here.

August 2008

August 1st: The Olympics Contest begins.

August 30th: Place version history, Walkspeed, sparkle colors and team chat are added.

September 2008

September 26th: You can now play ROBLOX as a guest to see if you would like to create an account. You can also buy Robux.

October 2008

October 11th: Yorick's Resting Place starts

November 2008

November 21st: The RoblEX and advertisements were added.

December 2008

December 18th: Heads were added.

December 22nd-29th: Miked's Ultimate Paintball gets 1,000,000 visits


January 2009

January 13th: The I Love Roblox Contest begins.

February 2009

February 12th: Telamon teaches you about advertisements.

February 28th: The last heads are released.

March 2009

March 18th: Wood and the asset recommender is added.

March 31st: The Worlds of Wood contest happens.

April 2009

April 2nd: There are now 64 available colors.

April 22nd: The Ambassador Progam, badge, and the 64 character colors are added.

April 24th: Trusses, Slate, and Universal connectors are added.

May 2009

May 5th: Chassis are added.

May 6th: Truss types and drag inserting are added.

June 2009

June 3rd: Gear Categories and Rental Gear are added.

June 18th: TBC was added.

July 2009

July 8th: BC Upgrades are added.

July 30th: Groups are added, as well as statuses, feed, and best friends.

August 2009

August 13th: Lots of updates happened:

  • User-made badges
  • More groups depending on the level of BC you have
  • Group Search
  • Owner transferring
  • Status updates for groups

September 2009

September 1st: Chatting was added.

September 2nd: Facebook Connect is tested.

September 6th: New materials are added (Concrete, Corroded Metal, Diamond Plate, Aluminum, Ice), and the sky is updated.

September 24th: GUIs are added.

September 28th: Building with Friends is added.

October 2009

October 5th: Limited and Unique items are added.

October 14th: Group Ranks are added, as well as referral codes.

October 28th: OBC is added.

November 2009

November 26th: Bubble Chat is added.

December 2009

December 17th: Smoke is added.


January 2010

January 24th: Sets are added

February 2010

February 9th: Contests are added.

February 28th: Contests are fixed.

March 2010

March 30th: Roblosam gets interviewed

April 2010

April 20th: ROBLOX is featured on Click

April 29th: Body Shapes (Packages) are tested.

May 2010

May 14th: Packages are added.

June 2010

June 8th: The Triple Hat Feature, and the Join In-Game feature is added.

June 23rd: Fire is shown in a demo.

July 2010

July 23rd: Privacy features are added.

August 2010

August 2nd: Facebook Connect returns.

August 11th: A new theme is added to ROBLOX.

September 2010

September 14th: A new skin is made for OBCers.

September 26th: ROBLOX Gift Cards are now at Toys R Us.

October 2010

October 1st: ROBLOX Gift Cards are now at 7-11

October 31st: ROBLOX Gift Cards are now at Best Buy and Gamestop.

November 2010

November 15th: Dialog is shown in a sneak peek.

November 24th: ROBLOX adds a Captcha

December 2010

December 2nd: Blazing Man and Dialog is added.

Sometime before Chrizzmax: Ingame recording is added for XP only.

December 30th: ROBLOX adds BC-Only Places, which angers BC-ers and non-BCers alike.


January 2011

January 6th: Exploits were fixed, ROBLOX ran faster on old graphics cards, and Groups could now allow everyone (including NBCers) into their group places.

January 12th: Physics-based collision sounds are added.

January 28th: Ambient occlusion is released.

Febraury 2011

February 3rd: Groups could now advertise themselves.

February 28th: The ingame screen recorder is released for all platforms.

March 2011

March 9th: The BC Loyalty program is released.

March 17th: Seth Deesub gets a million Robux by Make a Wish Foundation.

March 23rd: New users can sign up with a gender.

April 2011

April 5th: Facebook Connect is readded.

April 8th: Group owners can "ally" and "enemy" other groups.

April 14th: Basic data-persistance is added.

April 28th: Users can declare a primary group.

May 2011

May 5th: You could now see your favorite places on the Games page.

May 21st (?): A new game GUI is released, with a new player list. You can take pictures and videos.

May 26th: A basic iPod/iPhone app for Roblox is released. User can't play yet- only check messages and the like.

June 2011

June 16th: The ROBLOX Rally is announced.

June 22nd: You could now play with friends.

July 2011

July 18th: Roblox's first television commercial is made and launched..

July 22nd: Teleportation between places (TeleportService) is added, which Telamon has been trying to do for a number of years.

August 2011

August 1st: The Roblox Rally happens in San Francisco.

August 11th: Mega Places are added. Also, a time of day slider was added, as well as Plugins.

Unknown Date in 2011

  • Chrome users can directly launch Roblox in Browser.
  • A futuristic respawn animation is updated, presumably by Telamon

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