The Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard is an example of a hoverboard.

A hoverboard is a modified version of the skateboard that, as its name suggests, hovers in the air instead of rolling on wheels (although rolling hoverboards do exist on the catalog).


Ghost Hoverboard

Although many builders and scripters have created their own hoverboards, most of them don't work like the hoverboards sold on the catalog, as they would be flying instead of hovering.


The line of hoverboards, a series of seven hoverboards, began with the Ghost Hoverboard, created on October 21, 2011. Although it can hover in the air, it worked similarly to skateboards, since it can jump and even fall. It didn't have any special abilities, and there was a lack of technology to prevent it from falling like hoverboards today. Many users criticized the gear item because they kept tipping over and falling while riding it.

The next installment in the hoverboards line is the Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard, which was released on July 26, 2013. It had several major changes: unlike the Ghost Hoverboard, it moves differently, so it won't jump or fall. ROBLOX also added sparkles and the ability to boost the speed of the hoverboard, which replaced the jump ability. Due to the gear item's praise and popularity, many users have began creating retextures of the hoverboard, usually changing it to a different color that hasn't been officially released on the catalog. Later in 2015, two new variants were released, which are both retextures, Merely's Green Sparkle Time Hoverboard, released on February 12, a green version of the hoverboard, and Merely's Bluesteel Hoverboard, which is made of two materials: sparkle time and bluesteel, and was released on August 19. Another completely different variant, Merely's Hover Surfboard, was released on April 3. Around later in the same year, ROBLOX added the ability to pick up all hoverboards. On July 16, 2016, a pink variant of the Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard was released, known as the "Merely's Pink Sparkletime Hoverboard".


Red Rolling Hoverboard

In 2016, ROBLOX introduced rolling hoverboards, which roll on wheels like skateboards, except the player cannot fall or pick up the item. The Red Rolling Hoverboard was the first rolling hoverboard, which costs 150 ROBUX in the catalog, and a pink variant known as the Midnight Motor Rolling Hoverboard was on sale for a limited time for 200 ROBUX as part of the 2016 Midnight Summer Sale. The Viridian Hoverboard (a rolling hoverboard made out of the viridian material) was released on August 27, 2016 for 250 ROBUX, although it was created on August 19, 2016.

List of hoverboards

  • Ghost Hoverboard - a Limited Unique item that was originally 250 ROBUX and had 1,500 copies in stock.

Merely riding the Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard

  • Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard - a Limited Unique item that was originally 400 ROBUX and had 2,500 copies in stock.
  • Merely's Green Sparkle Time Hoverboard - a Limited Unique item that was originally 400 ROBUX and had 2,500 copies in stock.
  • Merely's Hover Surfboard - 400 ROBUX.
  • Merely's Bluesteel Hoverboard - a Limited Unique item that was originally 400 ROBUX and had 2,500 copies in stock.
  • Red Rolling Hoverboard - 150 ROBUX.
  • Midnight Motor Rolling Hoverboard - a timed item that was available for two days for 200 ROBUX.
  • Merely's Pink Sparkletime Hoverboard - a Limited Unique item that was originally 400 ROBUX and had 2,500 copies in stock.


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  • Oddly, Merely owns the 2,500th copy of the Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard.
  • The green and pink variants of the Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard have the same description, except they have different colors in their descriptions corresponding to their color. The green variant's description says "Hover over the skies and speed over your challengers, sparkling green all the way." The pink variant has the same description, but has the word "pink" in it instead of the word "green". The original blue variant also has the same description, but does not have a name of a color in it. The bluesteel variant is the only hoverboard in the series to have a completely different description, in which it says "Merely is basically the Tony Hawk of hoverboarding."
  • HoverboardTweet
    A user named 4Sci tweeted that the new hoverboards "make a good Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard".

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