This method of copying weapons is obsolete. This article is intended as a reference for editing very old maps. If you are just trying to put weapons in your map, check out How to Add Tools to a Map.

It's a common problem. You started out messing around with Roblox Studio and now you have something cool that would make a good BrickBattle level. Just one thing - you need the weapons from the official BrickBattle maps. Here's how to do it.

In this tutorial I will add the Superball weapon to a level that I have saved on my computer.

If you are just starting a new map and you want the BrickBattle weapons, you should look at Make a New BrickBattle Map and follow the directions there instead, they are much easier than this.

To start you need:

  • An official BrickBattle map with the weapon you want to copy (saved on your computer). I am using Crossroad's place. Find it at ""
  • A map you want to copy the weapon too.

If you don't know how to save a map from Roblox to your computer, look at Make a New BrickBattle Map. I am using an account I made just for this.

Open Your Map and Crossroads Map

Open your place and Crossroad's place


if you do not know how to copy maps, go here: How to copy places

Find the Superball Scripts

In your place, open the Starterpack. Then go to open Players, Player (inside players, it will be your name)and Backpack (inside Player). Open the Starterpack in Crossroads place. It will not have A Player or Backpack, so just open the Starterpack


Also, if you are doing this from the studio (I am not), you just have to insert it into the Starterpack.

Copy the Superball Scripts

Now, go to Crossroads' Map and Copy the superball scripts from the StarterPack


Insert the Scripts

Return to your place, and Paste the Scripts into the Starterpack And Backpack.


Your map should now have a Superball Weapon. Save and exit.


Congratulations. Your map should now have a Superball Weapon. File:RobloxImage7.png

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